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well im 16 and i think i found a really good deal. As we were visiting my grandparents in Nj we happened to see this 1964 chevy chevelle malibu. It is a pretty good shape. Here is the thing. Im looking for a first car that is easy to work on. we poped the hood and there is like nothing too the old straight 6's. Everything is original. It has 68,000 miles on the car which i though was very low. The interior is about a 9 of 10. The body is what needs the work. I would say it has been siting under a pine tree for about 5 years. I has very minor rust but it is rust none the less. Im gonna need new quater panels and a new paint job. The lady that owns it says 3 months ago she brought it too a shop to make sure it runs. All it needed was a new battery. I have not heard it run but she says it runs good. ( i will make sure). Here is my question. I dont have any money for the car, my dad says it is a really good deal and would loan me the money if i decided to get it. I have a job making about $95 a week and they said i could pay them about $50 or $60 a week untill i am payed off. Im not sure if it is worth buying. I am going to offer $2500 and i think i will pay $3000 topps. It is a 3 speed. Here are my questions.

1. What is the gas milage? it is a straight 6 not sure how many liters.
2. Are parts easy to get for this car, if so is there any online site that i can order parts from?
3. Does it seem like a good deal?
4 Are they easy to work on?
5. Were these good cars back in the day and would it be a good car for me?

posted by  Chevy seeker

Think again, its a good deal, BUT IT'S YOUR FIRST VEHICLE!!, get a slower FWD car :banghead:

posted by  99integra

so this car is considered a muscle car? Well actually i would be the slowest of my three choices, it is either this car, a early 70's mustang, or a mid 90's BMW.

posted by  Chevy seeker

This is my third and last attempt to reply. :banghead:

1. In a good state of tune you can expect to see low to mid 20's mpg.

2. Parts are almost growing on trees for '60's GM intermediates. There is essentially nothing you can't buy new.

3. My question is why are you starting so high with your offer. You might find out she has no idea what she has sitting the and would be willing to almost give it away.

4. Oh yes.

5. They were and are good dependable cars as long as they are properly maintained. Just don't expect a 40 year old car to be a trouble free or have the convinience feature of a new car. Consider it character that most modern appliances don't have.

Notes: That car could have come from the factory with one of two six cylinder engines, 194 or a 230 cubic inch displacement. Both are as sturdy as an anvil. Look it over closely for rust. Rust and structural damage are generally the hardest, most time consuming and expensive repairs to make to a car, especially if you have to pay someone else to do it. Finally, that car with a six under the hood is in no way a muscle car, but... Making it one is a close as a small bock (or big block) and a TH350 swap away. :thumbs:




posted by  vwhobo

Why do you keep spreading that BS? Even a "slow FWD car" can go fast enough to kill you and anybody who gets in your way. Give it a break. :sleep:

posted by  vwhobo

Eh, still you would think they'd be easier to get under control in a situation

posted by  99integra

It's easier and more responsible to not put yourself or anybody else on the road in that situation to begin with. Why don't you take your own advice and trade your Ranger for an Escort or something equally as sexy?

posted by  vwhobo

Hah, alright I got your point now :doh:

posted by  99integra

well she said the thing runs well. There is a little rust on the "quarter panels, so i will need new ones and the car needs new paint. How much would it cost for a decent paint job and some new quarter panels?? Around $8000? The thing is i dont want to drive a rust bucket everywere. :oops:

posted by  Chevy seeker

Well, now this is turning into somebody doing the thinking for you. How much to paint it an install quarter panels? Somewhere between $200 and $20,000. How much work can you do yourself? How much repair is required where you don't know it needs repairs? How do expect someone sitting behind their computer 5, 500 or 5,000 miles away to tell you when they can't see what the car looks like or how much of the work you can do yourself?

If you don't have the stones to roll a project car or drive something with potential rust, stop right here. Go out and buy yourself a two year old Civic like everybody else has and blend in with the crowd. Good luck finding it in the parking lot. You'll never know what you're missing until you run a rat for a while.


P.S. I made sure to include some pussy for the horndogs.

posted by  vwhobo

do you know were i can get quater panels for this car. I guess i wouldnt be afraid to drive a car with rust at least for a few years. Then i will get a nice new paint job. :mrgreen:. Do you know any sites were i can find parts. I have been doing a google search but i havent had much luck finding a good site.

posted by  Chevy seeker

Good 'ole Hobo (I don't mean 'ole' in a literal sense though :wink2: ). I've always thought rat rods look kinda cool.

It seems people may make fun of a rusted, faded, paint peeled car but throw on some whitewalls and call it a Rat Rod then everyones mind changes (on older cars that is).

I'd say you make a good low offer on the car, don't really worry quite so much about the work it needs or be afraid to learn new things and to get your hands dirty doing some work yourself, in the end it'll be worth it and you'd be glad you did. I've always wanted a car kinda like that as my frist real car (a project), but that car does seem like a good starter, plus it's alot easier to find any part for GM vehicles then it is for some other car makes. :2cents:

posted by  car_crazy89

I thought 16 year olds were supposed to teach me how to use a computer. Type in 1964 Chevelle quarter panels and you'll get about a bazillion hits.


posted by  vwhobo

I don't know really where your located but I'll post a few: https://www.opgi.com/GateChev4.asp

There's 5 links located on this site: http://www.hotrodders.com/directory/hot_rod_parts_specific_makes_and_models _chevrolet_hot_rod_parts_chevelle_hot_rod_parts.shtml

posted by  car_crazy89

What I don't get is how you're "either" going to buy a Malibu for $2500, or a mid-nineties BMW, and pay your grandpa back at $50 a week?? That would take you like 5 years.

posted by  Mathew

well if i bought the malibu it would take me a year to pay my parents off with $50 payments. A early to mid 90's Bmw would cost about $5000-$6000. My parents not my grandpa are only going too let me borrow money for a car if i wanted to get the malibu because my dad thinks it is a really good deal. So if i dont get this car i will just save for two years and have $6000 easy.

posted by  Chevy seeker

If the Malibu runs, you'd be silly to pass it up. Unlike the newer BMW, the malibu is not depreciating, even as it's rusting. It'll only go up in value...

As a first car, it's dead simple to work on, which will make it easier for you to perform the repairs yourself and learn how car systems work. As a Chevy it's cheap to buy parts for and they are EVERYWHERE. As a 6 cyl it'll be slow enough to not be stupid dangerous to drive, and as a car you work on yourself and fix up, you might have more respect for it and not drive like an idiot.

You might not need complete quarter panels, since you can usually find simple rust repair panels that only replace the rusted sections. If you have the repair done (or learn how to do it yourself) and do a lot of prep yourself (it's a bunch of labor to clean and sand everything down) you could have Maaco paint it and end up with a good job (do not rely on them to prep it). On the other hand, al you have to do is sand it down thoroughly and carefully, put it in primer (use a urethane or epoxy primer that isn't porous), lower it, and drive it like that and be VERY cool at your school.

posted by  ChrisV

well i got the mailbu. I got it for $2500 which i thought was a pretty fair price. Now i just got to get the $4000 to fix it up.

posted by  Chevy seeker

CONGRATS! The classic Malibu is one of my all time favorite muscle/pony cars (the new Malibu's don't do much for me... go figure). I'd say you made a good decision, it's a very basic platform and you'll surely learn an enormous amount from the project.

Good luck.

posted by  Bino

LOL As far as a chevy goes your chevelle will be and is a awsome looking car. I'd like to see a pic of it when its done. I know my parents would be happy if i got a 6 cylinder too. An eight cylinder will just get u into trouble. lol U plan to keep the 6 cylinder in it??

posted by  Youngstang

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