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well, im thinking of getting one for my pontiac, but i dont know how they work, i see no pumps that come with them, so just curious if how they work, and if they are a good thing to have. oh my transmission is a th400 if that helps

posted by  azkid110

First of all how do you know you need one? Hmmmm...

Ok how they work:
the pump is inside the transmission, if you have the right radiator you already have one built into it. The fluid from the transmission is pumped through the lines into a separate chamber and back into the transmission. We you add another cooler you are adding more surface area to dissipate the heat.

How to install (much more involved than this explanation):
You need to mount it where it will get good air flow, then you split one of the lines going from the transmission to the radiator, attach the rubber lines that come in the kit, and your done…now the fluid flows out of the transmission, into the radiator, then into your auxiliary cooler, and back into the transmission….

Hope this helps….and as I mentioned this is a very oversimplified explanation….so if you need more info ask.

posted by  corbett_auto

i bought one through jegs, its a becool tranny cooler w/ electric fan, i have ran it on my demo cars and havent lost a tranny yet. i run 350 and 400 turbos. i cant remeber exact cost but i beleive everything might have been 120-150? somwhere in there. the fluid looks great though after the derby and doest smell burnt so i know its doing its job.

posted by  adamc44

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