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I have been keeping another forum posted with my project, and this is the archive

We just spent the entire day yesterday heading for those Subaru 360's in New Jersey. They are what we are looking for. It is a restorable one and a parts car. The restorable car has only 12 miles on it, because it was one of the many that didn't sell at dealerships during the 1970s, and some people vandalised it by painting it and breaking the windshield. The floors are brand-new looking and you can tell by the guage cluster that this thing was never driven. The parts car had a good windshield and a bee's nest. The guy also had a 1970 Plymouth Superbird just sitting in his garage.

We bid the guy goodbye, and set off in our trusty Chevrolet Astro van. This van has taken us to Flordia and back without problems, to NY and back without problems. Apparantly the van decided it needed to do something to stop our positive attitude and promptly commited suicide. It stalled and we coasted to the side of the road, where my dad got out of the van and pushed us into a exit.

My father, who knew the van was going to s**t the bed at some point, ordered road-side assistance that he was paying monthly for. We called them and they said they were on their way. One hour, two hours, the van wouldn't start, there was nothing we could do. We cleaned out the van and thus hired a Taxi cab to get us to a greyhound station. We got on a bus 10 mintues later. We wanted an express bus, but we got tickets for a bus that takes six hours to get from Bridgeport to Boston, because the bus made stops every 50 miles or so, and took an hour to leave again. This bus was not exactly a good bus, it was kind of dirty and crappy, and a girl threw up in the seat in front of us a few times.

When we got into Boston at 10:30, after being on the damn bus since 4:00, we finally got a ride by calling a friend on our dying phone and got home at 12:00, luckily we got the ride because we wouldn't have gotten home until 6am on Greyhound. We are stuck without anything to drive for a while, but that's OK because we got our 360's if we can get anything to tow it with!


The engine

Full shot

How new!

Solid floors!(and others)

parts car:

Van s**t the bed on the way home!

Our ride home!
Going to get the 360 6/18/05

Hello again!

The guy has a Superbird rotting away in his garage...

Loading up...

The next morning...


It is a treasure box full of extra parts!

Rusted plate

Part of the vandalism...
^It says "Little Blue"

Wash down!

Began to strip the interior...

Found the emblem!

Gas tank removed...

Engine access plate

In the garage for now...

Just on the trailer, in the condition it is in, it attracted attention wherever it went! If we stopped anywhere, we were mobbed by people asking what it is.

"Is that an old english Ford?"
"What year is it? What the hell is it?"
"Is that a Fiat?"
It even brought a smile to the bikers faces when we stopped at a rest area. Everybody that saw it thought it was really cool, even in the shape it is in.

Imagine when it is done...
June 19, 2005

Engine Shots:

A comical picture

Artsy shots:

A "J.H" was burned into the celing by a vandailser during the 70's?

Interior stipped

Going to get the parts car, July 1st, 2005
We got back at Midnight last night.

We got down there, there was still the bees nest and many bees even after the 360 mile(Ironic!) drive home.

Our van died on the side of the road. Out of gas.(Our gas guage doesn't work). Luckily we were not far from a gas station and got that taken care of. But it was a scare because we did not know if it was just the gas. dry.gif

It is home and has many good parts that our "good" car doesn't have.
All seat uphoulstry, although bad shape and ugly, it can be recovered and it is all there.
Windshield(Most important, impossible to find good ones now)
A good, solid hood.

I also got pictures of a 240SX with a S13 conversion.



360: (Parts car)

Our savior:

On the way home:

Out of gas...(Our gas guage doesn't work)

Good(but ugly) seats, all there

posted by  Bubs360

Working on the project, July 3rd
In the past two days we made quite a bit of progress.

I took the front "hoods" off of each car,
Before I took the hoods off:
After I took the hoods off:

We took many parts off the parts car, including the door trim, the rear "hood", we took out some more bees, the interior is stripped, many parts have been moved to the restorable one,

the gas tank is out.

There is a grille on the rear hood, the one on the "good" car is dented, but the screws are stripped out when I attempt to remove them, so my father uses a grinder to cut them off.

The door handle on the "good" car was broken and was replaced with a good handle, door opens from inside.


The 360 is running at this point

Working on the project, July 7th

Taillights out(after some drilling of stripped screws by myself...)

Taking rims off...

New ignition

Up on all fours...(funny pic)

Our tires and rims in a pile...


Look at the comparision of Stingray rear tire to 360 rim(funny)

More interior:

In the garage
July 22nd, we figured that the 360 would be in the body shop soon, but that would be about 6 more months...
The 360 is getting ready to head out to the body shop to get all repaired and painted. We plan to do the base pearly eggshell white base coat and then put quite a bit of clear coats on it to keep it looking nice.

Gas tank before:
Gas tank after:


Coming along great so far, except we were supposed to get the van to the body shop today but on the way to get the trailer, like many other times, our current van suddenly melted it's primary belt and the cause of that was the water pump seizing. So, that will need to be held off for a while.
360 moved into first storage
Latest pictures:

Moving all parts to storage

360 on trailer again

In storage:

Some new parts ordered:

Some "new" brochures we ordered:
October 10th

UPDATE! Fiberglass roof is now off to prepare for soft top.
January 4th

today we got all our stuff for the 360 Driver's club...

All the information I will ever need, and a book full of road tests and brochures, and neat bits of history...would you believe that a 360 can be parked horizontally in a parking space and still fit between the lines? You can fit a 360 "inside" a Caddy of that time, and still have space around the edges for another 1 1/2. Consumer reports called it the most dangerous vehicle in America. >_<

We are pressurewashing the garage of the bodyshop owner who is doing the 360 bodywork for us, as a downpayment. After the master cylinder, the car runs and drives, after the body shop it will go in for soft top and reupolstering, and sometime when we get around to it, the hubcaps, bumpers, etc. will be sent out to be rechromed.

We are getting suprisingly close to getting done, with our timeframe being finished around this spring/summer.
January 27th
Hi everyone,

Today the 360 is in the body shop(finally!), and over the next week or so, it will be completely stripped down in preparation for all the bodywork. We will be working with the bodyshop guy as much as possible throughout the entire time there, and I will be taking pictures along the way.

Soon I will have some new photos showing the latest progress.

This is the latest. The 360 should be done by next summer if everything goes on schedule. The Subaru 360 is a 1969, has a 356cc two-stroke motor and will be done up in Eggshell white pearl with a white soft top and red interior.

Enjoy the pictures, and I will keep updates up here. :mrgreen:

posted by  Bubs360

Some of the links for the pics don't work for says the image was moved?...

But looks like a really sweet project, something I'd want to try :mrgreen:

posted by  chris_knows

I got the links repaired, all set. :thumbs:

posted by  Bubs360

You really like taking pictures doncha? :laughing:

Seriously though, that's pretty amazing...especially the fabrication, everything fit in perfectly with the roof...

Keep us updated with what happens :thumbs::smoke:

posted by  chris_knows

Wow I just read that entire thread. You are doing a great job so far and I would just like to say keep up the great work and keep us posted.

P.S. That superbird needs a loving home. :ohcrap::cry:

posted by  Benson

i skimmed through a lot but its a cool project. have you tried to fire the engine? you have bad luck w mini vans :laughing:

posted by  adamc44

We got it running shortly after getting it home, it needs the brake master cylinder fixed and it's actually driveable at this point.

posted by  Bubs360

Wow, thanx for taking the time to copy/paste and post all of that lol.....I'll be honest with you, I didn't look at it all, but dfrom what I've seen, sure looks good! Keep up the hard work! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Is that guy selling the superbird? And if so do you know how much? Also what city was that guy in?

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Hi there,

I do have his phone number... :thumbs:

posted by  Bubs360

Please PM the phone number

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

I PM'd you the phone number with some important details.

posted by  Bubs360

Bubs you ever coming back? We need some updates :mrgreen:

posted by  Benson

Nothing really to update. ;)

On the 28th it will have been three freakin' months since the last time I saw it. No idea where it is right now.

posted by  Bubs360

you lost the 360?

posted by  nighthawk

It isn't that I lost it, it has been at the body shop and my father won't let me near the place, so I cannot see it at all. In the past three months, it could be done or it could not even be started yet.

posted by  Bubs360

hey bubs im a 18 year old from new zealand who loves superbirds and am thinking of doing an oe to the states in the next two years and was woundering if you could tell me the location of the superbird as i would love to see one in person cheers jordan

posted by  bird426

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