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Hey, all. I'm pretty new here and was just wondering if anyone has any funny or interesting stories about how they came to own their classic car. I'd guess that most of us just went out and bought a project truck but considering how old some of these cars are, there's got to be some good stories out there. Anyone want to start? Cheers!

posted by  ThriftMeister

Well my current tinker is a 1966 Falcon hardtop. It started out as a project car for a father and son, son discovered girls, car sat for 15 years gathering dust. Here is a pic of it after moving it into one of my properties:

And also a pic of the partially finished engine going into it that started out as just a 1968 mexican block. It's just a mild cruising motor

posted by  Wally

well i had a 65 mustang convertible for years and i spent tons of money on it over the years. i got it in 69 for 500 bucks and drove it until it got just over 100,000 mile on it. then i tore it apart and started to restore it. after about 10 years of moving it from the summer garage to the winter storage garage i figured it would be better to sell it to someone who would do a better job of fixing it up. well i sold it and cried when it left the yard.
one day after that i was at work and talking to a fellow worker about the mustang and how i would like to get one again, but after researching the prices on semi good ones ( i about shit) the prices were into third mortgages on my house. then i remembered when i was in school i had a corvair, i then looked into these cars again and found a nice restored one in Allentown pa. for 4,000 and took of and got it. since then i have re-restored and customized it with a grand-am interior. it gets tons of lookers and when i got to car shows instead of setting in the mustang row with 30 other mustangs i sit in the corvair row with me. and i get more than my share of the Ralph nader stories. (even though Ralph had nothing to do with corvair dismale) i now have 2 90 sunbird converts and a 95 lebaron vert.
thanks my story and I'm sticking to it. bob.

posted by  corvairbob

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