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i was thinkin about buyin a old car that is running decent and isnt in to bad of shape but could still use some work jsut so i couldnt that and learn a lil bit more about cars. but i'm not sure what to get i was thinkin like a '70 chevelle or somethin maybe a nova idk cna n e one help me

posted by  alex london14

I think I understood that lol.....It's certainly not something you wanna be going into with your eyes closed!

posted by  Cliffy

Thats a pretty broad question. Maybe a little bit more specific like price range, power (small block/big block), styling, etc.

Finding cheap a cheap Chevelle in good condition could be a challenge. On the other hand it all depends where you live too. You could always take a Nova thats in decent shape with an inline 6 and swap it for a 350 or a 396.

More information on your part is required. :ohcrap:

posted by  Benson

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