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Is there any one know the history of the lamborghini cars, if so plz replay:cussing:

posted by  redevil

You're a smart one aren't you. I don't know too much about Lamborghini's history, but they started out making tractors. Also, I bleieve the Countach was considered the first real supercar, but I'm not sure on that one.

posted by  jedimario

Interesting that people can find their way here, but can't find anything on Google...

http://www.lambostuff.com/xq/asp/Page.1/action.1/qx/history-of-lamborghini. htm


posted by  ChrisV

tractors, I heard about this story, a wealthy man constructed a Lamborghini company to manufacture tractors, and then he decided to Produce a cars that have a performance better than the Ferrari cars.
Is that true:clap:

posted by  redevil

:2cents: i thought their first supercar was the Muira? Could be wrong though

posted by  mx3_monster

It's all in the links I gave.

posted by  ChrisV

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