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Hi.. im new

Ive found this car near me $35000

Alfa Romeo Montreal 1974

Year: 1974
Registration: eng no AR0056550089
Engine: 2596CC
Kms: 53600 MILES
Description: This exceptionally original Montreal was sold new in Australia and still has its 1974 delivery receipt,service books and spare keys!Unblemished Arctic White with matching Black cloth trim and Cream carpet all in beautiful condition.
The Montreal body was designed by Bertone.The quad cam 2596cc V8 engine is based on Alfa"s T33 racing engine and develops 230bhp @6500rpm,it is coupled to a close ratio ZF 5 speed gearbox. Amazing performance giving 220kph top speed and a lot of

Im wondering would a car like this be very expensive to run?

posted by  fryzie

I can see insurance being pretty high on one of those...fuel economy might not be too bad though...

Definitely a beauty :drool: :drool:

posted by  chris_knows

Insurance might not be too excessive...with Classic car insurance atleast :thumbs:

But I agree about the fuel consumption....although it'll be average for the type of car. Probably get around 20mpg I suppose

posted by  Cliffy

This person is looking at a 1974 Alpha for $35000 and they are worried about how expensive it is going to be to drive it??? :screwy:


posted by  theman352001


posted by  mx3_monster

:laughing: Too funny!:laughing:

posted by  onionman

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