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hey ppl i have a 1968 chrysler new yorker with a 440 A BIG BLOCK engine and i was wondering what you guys think of that car , i am about to sell the car but i dont know if it will be a mistake or a good thing and i want to know more about this car so if you can please help me it will be appritiated

posted by  assasin209

You know more about this car than anyone here. Only you can look at it and decide if it's worth keeping or not. A '68 New Yorker is a very cool ride IMO. A 440 is a bonus.

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posted by  vwhobo

Very classy ride, ive always like the New Yorker, esspically the older ones... If ya love it keep it... if not dont, you gotta do whats right for you.

posted by  TheFieroKid

i love the big ol' classic 60s and 70s detroit steel. personal favorite drivers would be a 74-76 buick electra or 64-66 chrysler imperial. id hold onto that newyorker!! their getting way harder to find every year!!!!

posted by  adamc44

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