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for those of u who dont know wat a ventura is. it has a body of a nove pretty much. i was thinkin bout addin a new holley 150hp series fuel pump it supports up to 900hp. but, im not sure if it adds 150 hp. and if i change my carborator into a fuel injector how much hp does it usually add.

im thinkin bout addin a venom fuel injector

posted by  fallingjoker

You're kidding, right? Do you even have any concept of what a fuel pump's funtion is? NO, A NEW FUEL PUMP WILL NOT INCREASE POWER, unless the old one is inoperative. Additionally, converting from carburetion to fuel injection will add little or no power unless either the engine is modified at the same time or the carb is not working properly. :doh:

posted by  vwhobo

wow, just...wow.
you do know that its usually a total pain in the ass to switch from carb. to feul injection right? unless you mean throttle body injection, which isnt much better than a carburator, just more electronics. not to mention the cost. I was thinking about changing my truck to throttle body injection just for feul economy, till i realized that it wouldnt realy help and would cost more than a years supply of gas. not to mention I would likely screw something up and end up having to replace parts that dont need replacing.
BTW hobo, will a new Edelbrock Perfomer intake manifold be compatible with the Rochester Quaddrajet? If so, would it make any noticable difference or should i just clean my stock manifold well? thanks

posted by  davsmitty

for those of you who don't know what a carburetor is... :mrgreen: :screwy:

i wanna see him change a carburetor into a fuel injector, i don't think david copperfield could do that!

posted by  dodger65

I need a 150 hp fuel pump where do i go to pick one of those up?
What engine type is in your ventura? year? What are looking to accomplish.

posted by  Aondor

a freakin' miracle...

posted by  dodger65

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