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does anybody know how much a 403cid engine pushes. i read that it was 185hp but i was told 350hp

posted by  fallingjoker

I bet this qualifies as the stupidest and most ambiguous question of the day. :doh:

posted by  vwhobo

Actually it did push out only 185hp
One of the things that had to do with it was the siamesed cylinders and the windowed webs, I would expect emission controls as well.

posted by  99integra

How much does a 4 cylinder engine push? My car has a 4 cylinder engine so I was wondering.

posted by  Mathew

dpedns if you got the nawwwz on it or not

posted by  Aondor

depends, what are you trying to push???

posted by  glagon1979

Aww come on, he was a little more specific then that lol. Atleast he said the displacement and not just amount of cylinders :wink2:

posted by  car_crazy89

Oh wait, I know this, my cousin's got a 6 cylinder engine, which makes 225hp, and since 4 cylinders/6 cylinders = His car is 66% bigger, so 225*66% = Your car has 144.5 horsepower. :laughing:

Actually it's 118hp. ([I stalk you, so I know what car you drive :laughing: JP] Seriously though, I remember what car you had from a while ago. lol)

posted by  chris_knows

Dude, that actually scared me for a minute. Well if all goes well, tomorrow I will have a Prelude 2.0 SI, which I believe puts out 135 HP :mrgreen:

posted by  Mathew

Sounds sweet, can't wait to see pics :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

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