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Great classic i am workin on right now. :thumbs:
any ideas on what i should do for a good color?

posted by  64comet

Can you offer just a little more infomation? :thumbs: We will put as much effort into out replys as you did in your original post... :hi:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

ok. But actually i need a front bumper which i am having a hard time finding. But this 64 comet is 4 door at the moment it is a dark blue with spots need to be painted over. Think black red or Blue are good. I will try to get some pics to post on here for more help.

posted by  64comet

I think red would be better...IMO.


posted by  BavarianWheels

hmm 2dr 202 i think. mine is a 4dr so it might not look that geat in red. might go black.

posted by  64comet

black is near-impossible to keep clean. thats why my dad rarely drives his Mustang. i suggest going with red... :2cents:

posted by  SuperJew

well my truck is black so yes it is a high maintenance color but looks great.

posted by  64comet

4doors look ok in lighter colors. In fact, might I suggest a 2 tone, with the roof being white? Like my '62 Falcon...


posted by  ChrisV

hmmm wouldnt be bad. The two tone style makes them look older and well atleast in that pic takes the sporty look out. The comets also come with a streak from front to back so the two toned roof may not look right with a white streak down the side. good idea though

posted by  64comet

From reading this thread I can see that you have done two things.

1. Asked an open question to anyone for their opinion on what color to paint your car.

2. Discounted everyone's opinion because you've already chosen black.

So my question to you is, what's the point? :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

havent chosen black just leanin more to it. :laughing: but still looking for other ideas to see what comes out best. :ohcrap:

posted by  64comet


Now that we have that out of the way. Why not something that was originally offered for that car. . . the manufacturers paid good money in 1963-64 to have some very smart people choose colors that are generally regarded as appealing to the public. If you are planning on spicing up the engine and suspension then grey primer with "fattie white wall" tires is considered as 60's resto-mod look which would completely eliminate the problem.

If it wasn't for the fact that I can't F*CKING sleep I wouldn't waste my time with this. :banghead:

posted by  72Cutlass442

Just for fun, one in blue:


and one like mine:


And one like mine, but with polished wheels...


Not the best quality, but hey, it was 5 minutes in photoshop...

posted by  ChrisV

Looks good. :thumbs: the orange really brings out the cars power and pimpingness. that a 202 though??

posted by  64comet

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