Glass Belted tires?

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i just bought a 1978 Camaro a few weeks ago and the front tires are Hercules winter tires GR7814. a guy i work with says they stopped making these before 1977. these tires are in Great shape. are they worth anything? i need to get some crager SS's to match whats on the rear. thanks for your help.

posted by  lovellskin

Glass belted tires???

posted by  99integra

A tire that old, unless it has had special attention paid to it's storage, is dangerous and should only be used for static display. The only person those tires may be of value to is someone looking for that specific brand, model and size and even then only if they're in excellent shape.

For the Cragar SS's, look at eBay, Hemmings or local automotive swap meets and shows. There are plenty of them still floating around out there.

posted by  vwhobo

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