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A couple of years ago my father bought a 65 impala ss really cheap. It did'nt have an engine or transmission with it. From what I have found using the vin # it was a v8 car, but my question is-- is there a way to determine the original engine the car came with. The man he bought it from thought it was originally a 409, but these are quite rare so I kind of have doubts. The vin # is 166375 j 328345. Any help would be great. Thanks.

posted by  trk1440

Did some research on the VIN, and your Imapala was made in Janesville, WI, also it's a 2-door Sport Coupe...That should narrow it down, but I can't seem to find anything...

EDIT: I'm guessing that the engine isn't in the car if you're asking, but if it is, do you know the casting numbers?

DOUBLE EDIT:I just re-read the post and realized there is no engine lol.

posted by  chris_knows

No there is no motor or transmission. If there was and it was an funky looking 409..... I would'nt be typing questions......I'd be smiling on my way to the bank:laughing:

posted by  trk1440

Well I looked and found this site: http://www.yearone.com/updatedsinglepages/Id_info/Impala/fullszvinplts.html

I tried it and came up with:

66=Impala SS V8 (1965)
37=2-door sport coupe (1965-1966 Impala & SS)
J=Janesville, WI
328345= Series number starting at 100001

Does it have SS badges on it? And possibly badges somewhere on it (front fenders maybe) that say 396 or something like that?

posted by  car_crazy89

Yes, it is a super sport and it has all the trim peices and badges-- except the engine badges on the front fenders. I've also been to the year one site studying the vin # and it is the third digit that represents the engine, but if I remember right 2, 4 , 6 and 8 all represent v8's. So I thought 2 would be the 283, 4 the 327, 6 the 396, and 8 the 409----but looking at ebay and finding "numbers matching" cars with a 396 and 409 they both had a 6 in the third digit. I'm not sure why gm would use the same numbers for different engines unless maybe the 6 was passed on to the 396 when the 409 was retired.

posted by  trk1440

Thats funnny, on Overhaulin' today they did up a '65 Impala SS. It had a 409 in it too.

posted by  Mathew

Haha, I saw that too.. they did a nice job (except I'm not a big fan of most of the wheels he chooses to use, I'd rather stick with a set of Cragars/Torque Thrusts).

posted by  car_crazy89

Okay kids, if we're done pissing in the wind now...

The reason different engines come in cars with the same third digit, is because said (second and) third digit indicates the vehicle series not the engine size, in your case an SS V8. If you took all of 10 seconds to read Year One's sight you's already know that. The only way to determine what engine and trans the car came with, beyond the aforementioned V8, is to find the RPO code. If you're lucky there will be a tag probably on the firewall near the heater box. If you're not lucky, you'll need to find the window sticker or the build sheet which is usually stuffed under the back seat.

BTW, while having a 409 might be sort of cool it's not real rare and it doesn't make it worth a lot. That being said, a numbers matching car would be valuable but you don't have that any more.

posted by  vwhobo

Yeah, I agree, I never like the Foose wheels they stick on. I liked the car though, it looked awesome.

posted by  Mathew

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