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i have looked into chevelles and nova's and a few others. i want a car to take to the 1/4 races at the track but cruise once awhile on the road. my level of engines is about i would say beyond begginer and my friends is expert (he is helping me)
i am not sure to buy the block and build the car around it or the car then the engine.
my friends dad has a 454 chevelle and he said to go that way or nova. what is some other ones to go with? money does not matter to me i have some change saved now i need the ideas. also when buying the engine should i build it myself or get it prebuilt. and where do i find bodies online for cars i am in cali. thanks for the help folks.

posted by  deacon

I don't know if i should say this but, an intro would nice.

posted by  Coffin Type R

I think the question is, what should be your first step when you become a new member of a forum. That would be to properly introduce yourself in the appropriate section. People are so much more helpful when they know you.

posted by  vwhobo

lol! This is the most anal forum about that that I have ever seen. Most people won't automatically assume that they have to, because almost no other forum actually requires it... One of the bigger forums I've belonged to has this in the newbie faq:

Of course, one of the other forums I'm on asks you to go to the introductory forum, and bring 'em a beer while you're at it... ;)

posted by  ChrisV

It's not a nessecity, just a form of courtesy, you're right that most people think that they dont need to introduce themselves and that's right to an extent, but when asking for help I think people should know better than to just ask a question before an intro! afterall, two posts are better than one! :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

As for the original question, my recommendation is to find one that is rather cheap to get into, but still has a good restorative following. That generally means a GM offering, like the Nova. Not as expensive as a Chevelle to get into, but all the parts are readily available, and thanks to a huge amount of interchange, easy to upgrade to any level you want. A car like this can make it easier for an inexperienced car builder to get a project done, as everything you want to do will have been done by someone, and the answers are always available. And you won't have to go searching out rare, or hard to find bits.

If you want more of a sense of accomplishment, however, I'd suggest an older Mopar product. You CAN get everything for them, but you have to be a bit more diligent. Your reward is something that isn't as common, but still very respectable. Something like a Coronet 440, or Duster/Dart/Valiant.

Same goes for older Fords that are not Mustangs. Something along the lines of a Fairlane or Torino.

As for locations of them, you'd be surprised, but a local Buy&Sell or Want Ad Weekly (sold next to the Auto trader in local convenience stores) is a good source of projects.

So is cars-on-line.com: http://www.cars-on-line.com/66coronet5958.html

posted by  ChrisV

Once again ChrisV, you're only looking at half the facts before posting. We have an expectation of new members to introduce themselves WHEN THEY WANT SOMETHING. People who find a topic they have something to add to and blend in are just dandy. If you took the time to read you'd know that I have personally stated that at least a few times.

The bottom line is that if someone wants help, it's a common courtesy on their part to make the first introduction. No, that's next to the bottom line. The bottom line is if you don't like the way this forum operates then nobody is making you read it and you are free not to participate. I'm sure the other forums will be happy to have you.

As a final note, once again I see you have entered a thread to bitch about procedure, attitude or something but did nothing to help the individual who is asking for help. Until you become part of the solution you will remain part of the problem.

posted by  vwhobo

I agree..I seem to recal myself writing a thread in the 'Suggestions' section regarding this, if you have a problem Chris, why not post it there?

posted by  Cliffy

Once again, vwhobo, you're getting pissy for no real reason, other than that's your first response to ANYTHING.

I merely found it amusing that this is the first response to anyone on here, in contrast to most other automotive forums. I wasn't saying you were wrong. But no, you have to go ahead and be a dick about it anyways. :screwy:

posted by  ChrisV

Because I merely found it amusing enough to make an offhand comment, but not effin' important enough to start a new effin' THREAD about it.
Apparently, however, it's important enough for vwhobo to be a COMPLETE dickhead about it.

posted by  ChrisV

I'm not askin' you to start a new 'effin' thread, mearly post in my already present one :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

No it's not. It's my first response to people who are rude enough to ask for help without first introducing themselves. Get your facts straight. By the way for someone who's accusing me of being "pissy", which is a very feminine sounding word if I ever heard one, why are you always the first one to call names. Looks to me like you're the one being "pissy".

Ahhh, more false assertions and name calling. I always gave you credit for being intelligent and mature. Perhaps I was wrong.

posted by  vwhobo

Shhhh! Let's not confuse the argument with the facts.

posted by  vwhobo

I fail to see how anybody could misinterpret the quoted post....aint the facts great :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

wow did not knowit was a big deal sorry for that.i am fro cali i am 22 located in SD jus got out the navy today and i got a new job working with northop grumman i have a g/f, no kids, not married. one brother, one sister. they live in indiana. there i think that cover most of it :D.

back to my question thanks for the info and the link. my friend and i the one helping were thinking of a stroker engine. what is the biggest eninge you can fit into a chevelle and a nova with out having to modify the body. jsut a a straight drop in?

posted by  deacon

I didnt read all the posts here, but I will add my opinion. You stated money is not a factor. So knowing this I would get into the worst shape, rare body style I could. Purchase a bare block from a junk yard and restore the whole thing from scratch. Not only will you have learned something but you will feel a deeper connection to that car. Trust me 198x T-birds arent easy to restore, but between all the headaches of my first one I never had so much fun. so i bought another to do the same :doh:

posted by  tbirb

I posted in the one I found it amusing in. It wasn't that big a goddamn deal until you and hobo made it one. Sheesh. :doh:

posted by  ChrisV

Uhmm, I know you don't like it when people read what you say, but... It wasn't any kind of a deal at all until you brought it up. If you wouldn't have said anything about it in the first place, Cliffy and I wouldn't have has anything to respond to. Now you can reply to this and continue to make it a big deal or you can let it drop. Really simple, isn't it.

posted by  vwhobo

Now you've gone and done it Deacon. You are supposed to post your introduction in the intro section not in here. I won't slam you for it because it's not my way but just be ready, I'm sure you're gonna hear about it now.

As for your question. . . it is all just a matter of opinion. You really need to give some more info about your wants. Is money that much of an issue to you? Do you prefer a certain make?

If you want something that is fairly inexpensive and easy to find parts for (a beginner musclecar) then go with a Nova. If you want something that is going to maintain and even increase in value, go with Mopar. . . it's what everyone pays the big bucks for. I like Oldsmobile myself since they have a little more luxury to go with their muscle. Ford is. . . well it's Ford, enough about those things. The Chevelle is a great car too but again you will pay the higher dollars for it.

posted by  72Cutlass442

ok money is not an issue. i want a car that i can get into the high 10's or 11's in the 1/4 mile. i am nto too worried about getting a begginer car. i want one that i can upgrade on the eninge. my main concern is the enginge if later on i want to add a blower i can and anot have to worry about chaning the engine out etc...i ahve honestly looked at chevelle. but i do also want a car that will hold it's value. i would like to keep the car for show racing and crusing. but i want it to preform when it is need. but i want to build it from ground up. eninge and all. and i would like to get either a 454 or a stroker engine. what cars can hold a 454. or a stroker?

posted by  deacon

*Erases Asshole Post*

Okay, I'll be nice... but it was hard...

If you wanna drop in a 454, I would look for an old Bel Aire, or a Chevelle... If I, and I will repeat, "IF I" was in your position, I would get an older "60's" Oldsmobile Cutlass 442, with a 455. That's what my dad has been building since he was 18. Quick, no no, it's no honda, FAST as bleedin' hell!

posted by  Integra_LS

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