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I bought a 68 Camaro from a buddy in town and it has a lot of rust& needs body work, but the essential stuff is pretty good the only thing is that it has a 307 with a powerglide(both need little work) it came with a lot of parts even an old SB with almost all parts for a 30over 350 all for 2000 any suggestions about what i should do leave 307 or build 350 (im also on a limited budget)

posted by  carfanatic21

First off, if you mean $2000 for the whole car with the parts, then that sounds alittle fishy... especially for that generation Camaro, but never the less I would say that if you got almost all the parts needed for the 350 sbc then why not build it up? More power, plus if it's mostly complete then you aren't spending much money.

posted by  car_crazy89

:doh: Stupid double post...

posted by  car_crazy89

Plus the 350 has a wide variety of parts for it.

posted by  Benson

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