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I have a 1957 Chevy P/U. I want to sell it, but I dont know what to ask for it. There are so many different prices for various levels of condition.

this truck belonged to my wifes father and I inherited it so to speak. It is not fully classic as customization was started on it. It currently has (after new motormounts welded) a 1969 Buick "Wildcat" 440. 650 cfm Edlebrock 4 bbl. New 3 core radiator to handle upgraded engine. Straight body and frame (doors close clean and windows all open smooth). Someone said that the big back window versus the small ones that a 57 usually came with is a good find. It has the origional wood and runners in the bed and they are in good shape. Tailgate opens and closes clean. Chrome grill and bumpers, new Roadhugger tires and Western Rims. With a minor amount of wiring (ignition) this vehicle runs strong. Dashboard is origional. Been in garage most of life so exterior is fair. No doubt needs paint.

Ok-I think that gives you a general idea. Any thoughts on what one should be asking for this vehicle?


posted by  Papa_Joe

copy and paste this thread and say, make me an offer :laughing:

but really id have to say somewhere around 5 grand
but I could be completly wrong:2cents:

posted by  nighthawk

As far as I know, there is no such thing as a Chevrolet 440.. only from Dodge/Plymouth, especially not in a Wildcat. But that truck does sound nice, don't see many around here but that style was one of my favourites.

posted by  car_crazy89

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