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I was just wondering where the power go's.. or spools up.. like when your going up a hill you go slower than on flat ground.

What spools up the engine power so you can make it up that hill.. Where does the power go when you brake tourque? What slips so the engine dosn't just die? Im guessing the transmission does all of this, but I still want to know how I guess.

Hope you get the question, just something I was wondering about.

posted by  mrfreshnklean

If I get the question, the answer is torque converter for $500 dollars Bob. :doh:

posted by  vwhobo

When you go up a hill you need a reach a certain amount of tourque to make it up the hill.. Does the tourque converter just keep slipping untill there is enough tourque made by the engine to make it up the hill.. or is that energy somehow built up.

posted by  mrfreshnklean

Once again, instead of typing my fingers to the bone I'll take the easy way out.


posted by  vwhobo

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