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0-60 times
0-100 times
wheel base
top speed
any other useful info

posted by  mud runner

i really dont think "specs" were used much back then

think, engine size and type, power , and body style, gear ratio's etc etc....

since im posting i might as well try to help
==my guesses==
lets say it has 325 hp and 385 lb ft
3000lbs or so, ( really no clue on weight:ohcrap: )

0-60 in maybe 5 to 5.5 seconds
quarter mile in around 13.3
top speed :doh: ummmm maybe 130 mph or less

and welcome to CF :thumbs:

posted by  nighthawk

Could've done some research :laughing: What size engine?
Here's what I found:

230CDI I6 140bhp.
250CDI I6 155bhp @ 4200rpm, 235lb-ft @ 1600rpm.

327CDI V8 210bhp.
327CDI V8 275bhp.
350CDI V8 255bhp.
(SS350) 350 V8 295bhp @ 4800rpm, 380lb-ft @ 3200rpm.
(SS396) 396 V8 325bhp @ 4800rpm, 410lb-ft @ 3200rpm.
(SS396) 396 V8 350bhp @ 5200rpm, 415lb-ft @ 3200rpm.
(SS396) 396 V8 375bhp @ 5600rpm, 415lb-ft @ 3600rpm.

(SS396) 396/325bhp: 0-60 in 6.6 sec, 1/4 mile in 15.0 sec @ 94mph.

posted by  chris_knows

i was a bit off :ohcrap:

oh well, thats still good for the 60's

posted by  nighthawk

chassis overall length-184.7
tire size 7.35x14
Good research Chris,:thumbs: I don't think he even tried to find any info on his own.

posted by  thefonz

Really far off.

posted by  Benson

Was the weight like 3700lbs?...Here's some good sites:
http://www.camarosource.ca/php/camaro_info_db/index.php?act=engine_specs&ye ar=196

posted by  chris_knows

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