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Brought this '61 Falcon home this past weekend from New Hampshire. $900 Went to CT first on Friday, and bought a tow dolley from a guy on the GRM forums for $200. Then drove up to NH on saturday to pick the car up.

It has a rebuilt engine, and runs good. It was in a garage in storage for the last 20 years, only occasionally being driven (the owner was always going to restore it for his historic firefighting equipment museum, but never got around to it). It has a coupe of rust through areas on the body (two on the trunk, and just behind the rear doors) but the floors, rockers, and quarters are solid, and it has no dents. The interior is tore up, however (though it's not hard to repair) but the headliner is perfect.

It has the 144 cid I6 right now, which was designed to get around 30 mpg back in '60-61, so it'l stay there for a while. It's going to be my new cruiser until the Comet is done. I'm going to lower it with 3" blocks in the rear, and a 4-5" drop in the front to sit like my old tangerine '62 Falcon 4 door did. It'll just be a different color combo (a pastel green with a white top, vs the tangerine and white that the other one was). And then I'll drive it instead of the older Range Rover (which will probably get sold, as the newer Range Rover we have is a much nicer truck to drive. I used the newer one to bring this back)

Here's my old tangerine one I'm building it like:

And this is similar to the color I'm going to use:

posted by  ChrisV

Damn Chris that thing looks pretty damn good for the year that it is, and totally stock too, can't believe it was only 900 its not half bad lookin :wink2:

Although that is one heavy car and that is one underpowered I6 it still is nice, my grammpa had a 62 and it had a sort of tipsy handling and he couldn't really master hills LOL

posted by  99integra

Nice Buy :thumbs: I was just pondering how much it would cost someone like you or Hobo to fully restore something like that(seeing as how most of the labor is done in your garage)?

posted by  elchango36

Heavy car? At 2300 lbs, theres only a couple modern micro cars that are lighter. It's smaller and weighs less than a Civic sedan.

yeah, in stock form, it has "tipsy handling" but it's getting a 3"/5" drop (5" in front) to match the tangerine one (which is a '62). But it's also only going to have small 13" whitewall tires, so it's not for cornering or racing.

I was shocked at the condition of the underside of the car. Only light surface rust in sections. I've seen 5 year old cars that were worse...

posted by  ChrisV

Parts cost can still be silly money, as things like door rubber is around $190 a set, then carpet and upholstery can be pricey.

I'm just building a rat custom, so spending money or making it perfect is not the goal. That tangrine one was just tinted primer.

I'm going to try to spend less than $800 on it, if that much to make it the way I want it...

...for now.

posted by  ChrisV

I assumed it was a heavier car because of how my grammpa talked about it lol my bad, but the under carriage is in very good condition, especially for a Northern car, what is the suspension setup for it?

posted by  99integra

It's actually considered a compact, and was the car the original '64 Mustang was based on. Suspension is dual A-arm/coil in front, with leaf springs in the rear...

posted by  ChrisV

nice, ( all the compliments you already got) :laughing:

if that weighs 2300 lbs and the 64 mustang was based on it,
then a 68 mustang coupe I6 must weigh at most 2500?
my brother has this car and ive always been curious as to around how much it weighs..
which is still extremely light, It can be rolled around the garage with one person.

but yeah nice falcon and comet and range rovers lol:thumbs:

posted by  nighthawk

Nice car ya got there, Chris. It looks in lovely condition for the price you paid for her! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Nice car Chrisv. A bit like our XL/XM series.

My XP is being prime coated as I type.

You might be interested in the mechanical upgrades I have included (google is your friend here):

XF power disc brakes and knuckles;
EA/EB rack'n pinion steering;
EA/EB collapsable steering;
XA/XB 1" master cylinder mated to a Subaru Leone Mastervac (clears the shock towers);
Mustang rear;
302 donk mated to a C10.

posted by  Wally

Very nice! We never got the XP body here, which was a hybrid of the Falcon and US Comet. That one is similar to the '63 Comet that my stepson is getting from me:

I like the idea of the MC and booster. I wonder if any of the later Falcon/Torino/maverick disc brake MC's match the XA/XB unit? We've got the Leone boosters here.

posted by  ChrisV

The master cylinder is PBR brand, model p6258a. It actually has separate ports for the front and one for the rears.

I can't help you with mix 'n match from your local cars, but interestingly the R&P has the same incidence point as the old tie rods, so no change in bump steer. I've nolathaned all the bushes throughout, although I'm a bit concerned that I may have introduced some harshness in the ride.

posted by  Wally

Here you go ChrisV:

posted by  Wally

Damn, that's a good deal. Can't wait to see her when she's done :hi:

posted by  chris_knows

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