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I have a 1974 Dodge Dart Sport that I am restoring. I am going to keep
the light buckskin (light tan) color that is on it but I am adding a black wing
and black dual hood scoop. The interior will be all black. I'm
thinking about painting the grill black and the bumper either black or
the buckskin color. Any suggestions?

posted by  mastergunner1

What kind of wing are you adding, go-wing? And what kind of hood scoops? Nice car, post some more pictures.

posted by  Benson

The hood scoop will be an AAR twin snorkel scoop and the rear deck will have a First Place Auto Products Go Wing.

It's a California car that I brought here to Pa: No rot. You don't see them here since most have rusted out and have been crushed. The car has a 318 (not the original 318 the car came with) and a 904 transmission. The rear is an 8-1/4 inch open ( going to make a sure grip).

I have a completely rebuilt 340 motor but since gas is $3 and climbing I think I'm going to keep the 2 barrel 318 and be a show and no-go "Restomod" car. Let's face it: large trunk, roomy interior and doesn'st look like all the rest of those Japanese and Korean cars flying around our highways.

After wire brushing and sanding all metal used Eastwood rust encapsulator and then installed "FatMat" sound and heat insulation on the floor pans/ fire wall and the trunk (actually used "Rattle Trap" - 070" thick).

The car came with original AC which I've since removed and then installed correct pulleys (Bouchillon Performance Engineering) for non- AC and kept the original power steering.

Pulled the heater/AC box and replaced the heater core & pressure tested and flushed evaporator core. Made and installed new closed cell (minicel) gaskets for the box and then reinstalled under dash.

Since the orginal AC/heater box is still in the car I can later put on a new sanden compressor, condensor, accumulator, and valve - along with one bracket from Bouchillon Performance Engineering and I'll have a modern AC system in the car.

The interior headliner and all panels have been dyed black and I've installed reflectix under all for temp and sound deading.

Now - what do you think about a black grill with black bumpers or bumpers painted the same as the body - golden fawn / buck skin?

Also if anyone is looking for the original compressor, brackets, condensor, accumulator, and hoses for a dart, scamp,duster,valiant, just make me an offer and cover shipping. Other wise I'll be selling them on Ebay.

posted by  mastergunner1

Please dont cross post between sections....I'll lock the other thread ya started, and move this one to the same place! :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

Nice car.

I too have a 1974 Dodge Dart Sport that is Golden Fawn colored. Mine was a factory black side/roof stripe car though with a half vinyl roof. I also added an original tuff wheel, original snorkel scoop, and reproduction rear go wing spoiler.

posted by  daniel_depetro

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