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Any thoughts on if its a good idea to use this synthetic oil in my 62 TBird. Motor has 85,000 miles on it

posted by  booalou

IMHO it is always worth it to run Synthetic oil.......lots of benifits....less engine wear, cleaner engine & better fuel economy.......the only down side (if you can consider it) would be cost.

I run synthetic oil in every vehicle I own. The biggest key to getting the best out of it is to go with a high grade filter. Don't skimp and buy a $1.99 one, spend at least $10. If you buy a quality oil and filter you can actually extend your oil change intervals, which can in turn cost you less money per mile...

posted by  corbett_auto

So how often to you change the synthetic oil. 5, 10, 15 thousand miles?

posted by  booalou

On an older car, like yours, it's a good idea to change the oil at closer intervals. Also, Synthetic oil isn't always suitable for all cars. Your car's mileage isn't too high so it would probably be okay!

posted by  Cliffy

I go about 10k - K, But again let me reiterate that this is with a very high quality filter. We use to be an Amsoil dealer (this was one of the first synthetic oil manufacturers back before you could just run into NAPA and pick up a case of Valvoline), and when using a by-pass filter they said you could go 1 year (approx 20k mile) between changes after 6 months you only need to change the filter.

Synthetic oil does not break down as quickly as conventional oil does.....BUT it does build up contaminates. This is why filtration is so important.....

Also, the mileage on the car doesn't really have a direct impact on using synthetic.....the reason it is not recommended is because high mileage cars generally leak oil....and this makes it unfeasible due to cost.....But, I am unaware of an adverse effects from using it in any engine at any mileage......except for a new engine, they claim that synthetic oil lubricates so well that it actually can hamper the break in process, because of this fact they suggest you break in an engine on conventional oil for about 1000 miles or so.....(Side note: we have had 2 customers dead set on running synthetic in new engines, and I am not aware of any problems they may have encountered)

posted by  corbett_auto


posted by  booalou

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