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Hi, first off.. I know virtually NOTHING about cars, I don't even drive.
Last weekend I found an old hubcap in the woods though (ok, I am assuming that it is a hubcap, and that it is from a car, and that it is from an old/classic car but I could be wrong) and I was wondering what brand of car it was from? The size is 10" in diameter.


posted by  Seijun

all I can think of would be cadillac
still not the same though

posted by  nighthawk

Can we see a pic? It could be lots of different cars...

EDIT: Stupid computer's lagging lol...

posted by  chris_knows

Maybe this will help:

posted by  Wally

Thanks for the website tip. I checked all the Cadillac hubs, closest I could find was a 62 Eldorado, but even that was a long way off from a match. I spent most of the day scanning Cads from a varriety of years, but still nothing. I've emailed a Classic Cad dealer to see if they know. Do you think by the hub's style that it might not even be pre 1980?


posted by  Seijun

they're early to mid-70's mercury hub caps like off of a comet or something...

and that website isn't very accurate... at least on the mercury caps...

edit: i just saw a pic of a '74 mercury montego w/ those hubcaps...

posted by  dodger65

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