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Has anyone bought the seat covers that Thunderbird Headquarters or the "Bird Nest" sell to recover tbird seats. I need to re do the front seats in my TBird. There leather but I haven't found anyone that has used seats for a 62. The two companies listed above have vinyl covers that match the color, tecture and style as the original so they say.

I was wondering if anyone has seen them installed or knows where I may find used seats.


posted by  booalou

No use using used seats. If they are from a 62 model car they will be in similar condition as yours.....I have used the pre-made seat covers on a few different models. They usually look ok, if you want them to look good, take them out of the car and bring them to a trim shop and have them recovered. They will take the cover off of your seat, use it as a pattern, and make a new cover out of any material you chose. And sometimes it is actually cheaper than buying the kit.

posted by  corbett_auto

Thanks for the quick reply. Now I will just need to find a trim shop here in Honolulu. As you can see I'm still a novice at this and the car still hasn't arrived yet from the East coast! A few more weeks to wait.

posted by  booalou

I've got really good seatcovers from name removed in the past.

They ship pretty much everywhere.

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posted by  antiguru

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