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well this question has been bugging me for some time and i'm only 14 if istart now i'll end the restoration when i'm 18. what do you think, you have to keep in mind that i'm 14 and don't have experince on cars

posted by  spiral loser

Once again we have a question that raises more questions. My first question is how have you determined the restoration will take you four years? If you have no experience on cars, how can you make that decision?

I think that before you can expect any reasonable answers to your question, you need to decide what kind of car, what sort of condition it'll be in when you start, what you want from the final product, where are you going to do it, how much money do you have, etc, etc, etc.

posted by  vwhobo

i don't have any money except 50 dollars left from my party, i guess i need to find the right one and just buy what ever part as i go along

posted by  spiral loser

Yeah, I guess so. It's good to see you've got a game plan and are open to suggestions. :roll:

posted by  vwhobo

Restorations are a great way to learn and gain experience i you are at all into mechanical things. It's how I started off and look at me now (this board may not be the best example, i haven't said much here). As for money, figure out what you wanna do, figure out what it needs, then add about 25%. That's where you should come out. I finance everything through a part time job plus pay insurace and all that stuff.

When I was 14 my dad brought home a '67 F-100 and said,"you wanna drive when you're 16? Then there it is, make it right."

Over the next year I put time and money into it until it was mechanically perfect. first step was the brakes. It ran beautifully but the brakes were so out on of the drums was literally in two pieces :ohcrap: .

When I turned 16 I had just started the body work and a guy offered me more for the truck than it was worth so off it went and that's when I got my '66 bug. my dad bought it as a parts car, he wanted the motor and told me to scrap the rest. Instead I rolled it into the garage and started working. Took me 8 months but the car went from parts car condition (it was bad, VERY bad) to taking first place at a local car show. Cost me right at $2000.

Now i'm doing my first "build it the way I want". Start with a stock restoration and work up from there. Just remember: finish what you start and buy cheap.

It is a great experience, plus you have something to be proud of in the end.


posted by  Hoxviii

hey all,restoring classic cars can be quite a challenge, but in the end its fun and could be well worth it. im 16, coming on 17, ive just completed my NVQ level 1 in motor vehicle repair. i buy cars and tune them up and sell them, and im aslo helping my mate restore a austin healey 100, its quite a challenge but will b well worth the time and effort when its finished. :thumbs:

posted by  steve_mech

Hey there, spiral loser. While I think it is great to restore a car, your top priority should be school. You need to work hard in school and get into college when you graduate. Restoring a car is a time-consuming endeavor. At your age, you should get good grades and have fun in your spare time. High school flies by so quickly; before you realize it, you are grown up. You have your whole life to work, go out and act like a 14-year-old. Life is too short to waste your youth away. Remember you only live once (unless you are a Buddhist or a Hindu and you believe in reincarnation).


posted by  qbanspice

Restoring cars is great and I love doing it, I restored my 79 into a pro street in 2 years but man oh man it costs huge money, and takes so much time I was 15 when i started and used nearly 4,000 dollars doing the mods. second when you pour that much money into a car very rarely do you ever see it back. such as i paid 1k for the truck and 4k in modding it, but ill never get 5k for it when i sell it. consider to yourself if you want to dedicate this much money and time on a car.

posted by  79-Cheyenne

It is alot of work and time, but it is possible to have it all.
While doing my bug i maintained a 4.0 GPA, had a weekend day job, and plenty of time to have fun friday and saturday night. I'd work a couple hours here and a couple hours there and did it all. Just don't let it take over your life and everything'll be great.


posted by  Hoxviii

I spent 5 years and $28,000+ bucks to restore my GTX. When I was 15+- I was in no postion to think about spending that much cash to restore a car. You can talk about restoring cars all you want, but until you actually get a car, find out what all it needs and then actually buy all the 'expensive' parts to make it new again you have no idea. Dreaming is great, reality is another matter for most younger folks. :thumbs:

posted by  fc7gtx

Yes Restoring a car takes money...quite abit. I think it might be alil difficult at age 14 with little to no experince on cars. try gettin a job at like a car shop, you'll learn about cars and get paid for it.

posted by  Mx3Kid

well spiral. as a once teen dreamer myself all i can say is plan ahead and be realistic. first off if you wanna do it right and a good job itd take you more than 4 years to restore a car. but then again whats the point in restoring a car to its orginal condition. its funner to make it better. i know some people like to die hard restore cars. but to be realistic dont spend all that money to make something original. cause it just wont be much fun to drive when your always worried about messing something up. and as for you not having any experience, dont worry about it. thats one of the good thing about classic cars, anyone with good hand coordination and a book can do it. for you itll be more like trial and error. and thats the best part. all i can say is save up about 2-3 grand. thatll be your starting budget which will mainly be used to by the car and get it towed home, yes i said towed home. to be realistic its alot cheaper and easier to find some beater with no drivetrain. after youve got that done you can start putting together your drivetrain. for all new drivetrain itll cost you another 2 gs are so. and thats for a basicly stock engine and tranny. after you get it runnin and driveable you can start saving and working on it as you go along, every month buying and adding a new peice to the puzzle. but when you go to get your car dont get disappointed when you see it. the only thing that cant be fixed on it is a salvaged title or a twisted frame, and even now you can get new frames, but thats not the way you wanna go. youll brake the bank that way. so basicly just look for the year/make car you want. and as long as the price is right the only thing you should walk away from is a salvaged car. skins and panels can be replaced. plus theres nothing like a brand new 05 gt getting spanked by a beater car with more torque than 5 honda 4 cylinders put together

posted by  72firebird

Do your parents have any knowlege of automotive? My stepdad raced stock cars for around 4-5 years so it only took about 2 months and 250$ to fix my 1973 Chevy Nova. I might be lucky but it only took a new transmition and we had the water pump. Now she runs.

posted by  sandlercd_22

im 14 as well and im restoring 3 cars. it is a big responsibility and it takes up shitlodes of my time but if your keen on doing it thats good but you cant let the car sit there and rot

posted by  minibuff

plus it is easy for me because cars are my life and they are all i no

posted by  minibuff

How much have you learned. Can you change the oil (EZ) or can you do things more difficult like changing a tranny out(hard)?

posted by  sandlercd_22

im changing my minis gearbox in a few days i cant wait :thumbs:

posted by  minibuff

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