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just was wondering does anyone have any info on the cars built by the Barris Brothers . i got a 37 and was looking for customizer who did it...was supposed to have been done in 52 in ca,,,,,who knows?

posted by  37olds

Thanks for being polite and introducing yourself in the appropriate section before posing a question. :roll:



posted by  vwhobo

thanks for the help but been to them already,,,, what im looking for is a complete list of the cars they've customizd or how can i find who did the work??

posted by  37olds

Oh, okay, I guess we were just supposed to KNOW that's what you meant, because it sure isn't what you asked for. :roll:

I think I can pretty safely say that a list like what you're looking for doesn't exist. Besides, it very well could be a wild goose chase. There were ALOT of kustom kar shops in the L.A. area in the '50's and unless you have reason to believe otherwise, your could have been built in any of them. Or maybe not even in California.

posted by  vwhobo

Yeah, Sam and George did a lot of cars, many for people who would bring them in one week for a small custom touch, then a month later for another one, and so on until it was done, if ever. There's no way to have recorded everything they did.

And, as vwhobo said, it could have been one of hundreds of small shops, if it was even done in a shop.

Why don't you take some good pictures of the car, post them up, especially with the custom details visible, and then look to old hot rodder sites. Maybe even check here: http://www.jalopyjournal.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?Cat=

Or here: http://www.roddingroundtable.com/forums/index.php

And there may be someone here who knows about it.


But you have to take good pictures so it can be examined.

posted by  ChrisV

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