Does anyone know what this is?

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I found this piece in our garage (ok, really it's a barn). It seems it was left by the former owners along with tons of other odds and ends.

It seems to be chrome and shaped kind of like an airplane propeller. It also says "1957" in the center and has three bands of color-- red, white, and blue.

My husband thought maybe it's some ornament for a chevy, but we really have no clue. Any ideas?


(I think I've got the photos uploaded correctly, but let me know if I goofed.)

posted by  jmecricket

I'm almost positive that's not a propeller, but can you give us the rough size of it?

BTW The uploads worked lol.

posted by  chris_knows

No, it's obviously not a real propeller. That's just the general shape of it. Sorry if that was confusing! It looks like it might attach to the front, rear, or side of a vehicle as a decoration.

The peice is 3 feet long, and the circle in the center has a diameter of 5 inches. It also has four bolts on the back of it that are meant to attach it to something. See this additional photo.


posted by  jmecricket

I think it was something made in (or dedicated to) 1957! :mrgreen:
i dont know what gave me that idea

posted by  True_Brit

i believe it was made for something in 1957 HA

posted by  Andrew0261

I'm thinking Chrysler because of the colors :2cents:

posted by  99integra

That'd be a 1957 Buick

posted by  Bubba

wow good find bubba! how did you find that???
luck or did you know that :clap:

posted by  True_Brit

no, i just knew the buick colors were red white and i figured... hey, Buick!

posted by  Bubba

do you know lots about buick???
all i know is that the founder was scottish!!!
cant quite remember where i got that from lol

posted by  True_Brit

only thing i know is one of the distinguishing features of a buick are the port holes on the sides. They just started putting those in on some of the newer models again in fact. g

edit: Its too bad he couldn't find the rest of the car in her garage, that '57 is a classic.

posted by  Bubba

whys there 3 portholes???, on the 57' buick, theres 4 portholes

posted by  True_Brit

No clue, it just varies between 3 and 4 i guess...

like this '56 only has 3..'s%20100th%20g erman%20buick.jpg

at least i think its a 56..

posted by  Bubba

i think the Riviera was the first buick to have none, and they continued it that way up until late '05 i think.
this ones a '75 1975a.jpg

posted by  Bubba

the number of portholes varies w/ the trim level kinda like chevy and mopar did w/ # of taillights in the 60's & early 70's...

posted by  dodger65

here's another 57, with 3 portholes

posted by  Bubba

ahhhh thanks, learn something new each day!!! :mrgreen:

posted by  True_Brit

i don't think anybody here is founder

posted by  ashuraj2163

really cool did u find any other kool parts in there i need a new rochester crab for my camaro lol

posted by  81-camaro

Yeah, I think only the (high end) Roadmaster model had four portholes.

posted by  philo

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