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My car is a 1993 Ford Escort Mk5 1.6EFi Convertable and some people say its a classic and others say it isnt, i went to my local ford dealer (vospers) and one said yes, the other said no,,,puzzled, i thought id ask you, is it a classic? or how long till it is?

http://www.mijnkoopjes.be/image/5303.jpg similar to that but in metallic blue

posted by  True_Brit

Give it another 15 years. Most people say a car 20-25 years old is considered a classic.

posted by  Benson

I'd say Bensons right, especially that car because i dont see to many escort convertables driving around. Good luck with that, keep it in good condition too.

posted by  Spade

oh not long then heh lol :ohcrap:

posted by  True_Brit

How come our Fords are so dull and boring here(with the exception of the Mustang and GT40 ofcourse)? If it was offered here, I'd so get this over an SRT4...
http://members.fortunecity.com/freecarwallpapers/images/ford_focus_rs_05.jp g
http://members.fortunecity.com/freecarwallpapers/images/ford_focus_rs_06.jp g

posted by  elchango36

I agree, although I doubt it'll be around in 15yrs time. In a way it's a kind of classicas it's no longer made. Oh, and t_b & Spade, it's spelled 'convertible' :hi:

posted by  Cliffy

ha cliffy, youve even corrected me, i spell how ever it runs through my mind

posted by  True_Brit

Not a classic, in the traditional definition, and not an instant classic in the common useage. Classic doesn't just mean old, as vintage and antique are other descriptors that do that job (a vintage car or an antique car bring up very defintie images). But classic also implies a timelessness and a desireability. And sadly, as much as an Escort cabrio may be a good car, it's not as much of an instant classic as, say, the Golf cabrio was.

posted by  ChrisV

thank you all for your help, quite useful and ive got the idea
:wink2: :thumbs:

posted by  True_Brit

When this car reaches 20-25 years it won't automatically receive classic car status, some cars do and others don't. Except from the DVA maybe.

posted by  booalou

Well, that T-bird is already a historic car here in MD, like my '61 Falcon.

posted by  ChrisV

Just to share, this is what the laws are in Alabama to recieve a vintage tag:

I was unaware that they were so restrictive. In 18 years my car will qualify for a vintage tag, but it can be no more than a show car? I think not. In 18 years I'll be driving my Accord every weekend to the store, in the country, etc. to keep it going strong.

And I want you all to notice my wonderful sigpic.

posted by  hondaman

In Maryland yes, but not here in Hawaii where I'm shipping it too. In Hawaii the Tax Hell of the Nation they have basically have the same law as Maryland.

35 years or older then its Antique, but in Hawaii they have a guy on the States payroll that you have to take the car to and he and only he decides if it can get the Antique tags. If he says yes you save about $400.00 per year in road tax plus annual inspections fees, if he says no then you have to pay just like any other car.

Either way though its my Dad's car and I'm proud to have it and will pay whatever is necessary to keep it for me and my boys.

posted by  booalou

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