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73' Chevy Nova, 350 HP engine

Can anyone estimate the mpg this car might get

posted by  Spade

Which carb does it have, the 2bbl. or the 4bbl.?

With the 2bbl it's around 16.0 MPG
With the 4bbl it's around 14.5 MPG

That is from a book I have, so may not be totally accurate, but should be close.

posted by  car_crazy89

thats lammeeee :(

posted by  Spade

If you have an older car, MPG shouldn't be something you worry about. Just because the fact that most people drive those cars because they love them and don't care about MPG. If they cared about that kind of stuff they wouldn't drive those cars. 15-16 isn't too bad anyways. You might be able to get more depending on if you have a light foot. I know someone around here with a '71 Charger that has a 318 in it, gets around 10 mpg... A lot of it depends on your driving style and if you peel out at every intersection and have a heavy foot. Just be glad you don't drive something 400 cubes and up and get 5-6mpg.

posted by  Benson

well put, although a built 350 or even a 305 gets worse milage than a stock big block. i know my buddys 355 gets about 5mpg at best.

posted by  glagon1979

Trust me, it wont stop me from driving the car.

Just the fact that im a poor ugly teenager, *shrug* it'll be worth it.

posted by  Spade

I agree, although I've seen so many tennagers and new drivers driving big cars like that, in the US, I kind of thought that as fuel prices were so cheap, consumption wasn't really an issue. In other words, I thought it was more a sort of cost effective way (ie; the car's scheaper to buy in some cases) of running a car, rather than an enthusiasts way of owning a car, lol. I think that makes sense :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

I have a friend with a 318 dart that gets 12 with a light foot on the highway. If you are going to have trouble buying one keeping gas in it wont be easy either. If I were you I would take a good hard look at what you can afford and how much this car is going to cost you.

posted by  skeetin870

i work my ass off, trust me.

Just one days worth of pay should be able to fill me up for a week :)

posted by  Spade

in that case go for what we call a nova!!! (lol)

a small 1.2 litre engine, with one days worth of pay, youll fill er up for a month (shame you live in USA)

posted by  True_Brit

ewwwwww ^:puke:

Got my name written all over it :mrgreen:

posted by  Spade

it kinda makes me ashamed to be british sometimes.
2 litres a big engine to us, but in the usa thats considered small i suppose :oops:

posted by  True_Brit

yes uhh it really does suck 2 be you guys=( lol

posted by  Andrew0261

Not if your complaining about gas mileage it doesn't!:tard:

posted by  elchango36

ha ha lol, good one but it is true!!!

posted by  True_Brit

It's a shame that the Nova has a reputation for being a chav car but hopefully the Corsa and Saxos will one day take the honours...

But the Nova does make a good base for a hot hatch especially when you drop in the XE engine.

posted by  fudge

i do agree, id never ever get a nova anyway, i got a escort cabriolet

posted by  True_Brit

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