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im currently looking at a 1975 FireBird. They are asking 2600 for it.
i believe it has 185,000 miles on it althought it could be 85,000 since the odometer resets after 99,999. It has a 350 egine with the 350 tranny. it has new tires, new breaks ect. the exterior is extremely nice and in great condition as in the interior. It is an automatic which is the only thing i would disagree with on it. Do you all think this would be a worthwhile buy for my first peice of american muscle? Also ive been told that it would be possible to change it over to a manual although i dont see that being an easy project. the work itself that the car would need is not an issue but i am a little more concerned with price. i would love to change it over to a 4 speed or so, so if someone could give me some info on thtta it would be great. Thanks

posted by  willhf1011

The price seems fine if it is in as good shape as you describe. While switching it over to a 4 speed is not imposiable.....it is however impractical.....just keep your eyes pealed for a 4 speed car....much easier to just start out with what you want.....

posted by  corbett_auto

A 75' Firebird is a badass car but if your new to American muscle, 87-93 Mustang V8 is what I'd recommend. More reliable and more modern and much less ass pain..

posted by  What

how do you figure? for starters, they are much easier to work on. its kinda hard to mess up something that old. everything is so simple. no computer, no fuel injection, no electric anything (except ignition).

posted by  glagon1979

:stupid: plus, why get a ford? :hi:

posted by  dodger65

Stupid following a stupid.

Fox body Mustangs are easy and cheap to fix. Parts are much easier to find for a 87-93 Mustang than a 75 Firebird. And "something that old" breaks faster and more consistently than something not that old.

Also, these Mustangs that I speak aren't f*cking M5's. They don't have much electronics either.

No fuel injection? Fuel injection is a good thing.

posted by  What

...but ford had a better idea... and mustangs can be a pain in the ass to work on....

posted by  dodger65

By pain in the ass you mean difficulty?

Placing a value on difficulty is almost impossible and commonly accepted to be an "opinionated" figure, especially on topics that aren't under great focus and control like "working on a car". What's difficult to you may be easy to me. Yeah, that sounds about right.

And what's the currency dissolved because of difficulty? Time? Time=money, right?...whatever. Again, because of the looseness of the subject, your placement of negative value on difficulty can not be properly gauged.

However, my place of emphasis on "sum of parts" can be more easily valued. I stated that a 75' Firebird is likely to have more parts in need of replacement than an 87'-93' Mustang...especially a 75' Firebird with an asking price of only $2,600 in a market period where owners are commonly demanding upwards of $9,000 for them. But anyway, parts cost money. $$Dollars$$ Unlike time, money doesn't need to be converted from an arbitrary capital into a definite note to place a value on it.

This is why I think it would be better for you financially to not buy the Firebird and invest in a more stable "musclecar".

posted by  What

work wise, id take a stang over a firebird anyday...

posted by  mazda6man

you evidently do not work on cars at all... fords are largely regarded, even among ford fans, as being difficult to work on, trouble prone, and unnecessarily complicated...

but if we're going to talk about sum of parts, how many breakable parts would a fuel injected mustang have vs. that 75 firebird? also, how long how much time would be spent comparatively diagnosing and repairing those parts? providing he's paying someone to do it. if he's asking simple questions here, chances are good that he's gonna be paying someone to fix his car for a while...

and the mustangs, while newer, are still 13-19 year old cars that have most likely had the sh*t pounded out of them... they're gonna break too...

posted by  dodger65

they dont have much electronics? they have A LOT more than a 75 firebird. also, fuel injection being a good thing is all a matter of opinion. i like carburators. i think they should still be mass produced and still come on american vehicles. do not get into a pissing match with me about older v8 GM cars. you will loose:thumbs:

posted by  glagon1979

Shut the f*ck before I shame you.

I'll post pics and prices of my Fox Body rebuild and show you bitches how easy it is.

posted by  What

shame away...:rolleyes: :sleep:

posted by  dodger65

You and glagon1979 dating? Why are you speaking for him?

posted by  What

not just yet...:wink2:

because i want to see your attempt to shame someone....:thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

This is what keeps me coming back to this forum...controversy.....LOL...I love it. Trying to compare a firebird and a mustang is like compareing chocolate and strawberry ice cream....it is all subjective...and depends on an infinite set of circumstances....budget, desired performance level, condition of the actual cars in question, etc., etc..........

I hope for a real witty reply from this so please do not let me down....:thumbs:

It is so easy to tell the people who have a clue what they are arguing about and those that just like the feel of keys beneath their fingers....Most of the time I probably fall into the last catagory...but occasionally I do have a clue...for anyone who wanted to hear my :2cents:

posted by  corbett_auto

I don't know, I'm more of a strawberry ice-cream guy :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Not the wit I had expected..but funny all the same..I'm a chocolate guy

posted by  corbett_auto

...so who likes neopolitan? is that your charger se in your sig, corbett?

posted by  dodger65

It's a customers car..Here's a link to more pictures:

posted by  corbett_auto

come on then, shame me. oh, wait, you can't because you know i'm right. i built a 450hp 350 for under $1200. i'd like to see those kind of #'s out of a 302 with the same mods for the same price or cheaper. i want proof, and not some bs, off the top of your head #'s. i'm waiting:sleep:


posted by  glagon1979

I am in the process of building a 1975 Formula with a 1968 400 and edelbrock 750CFM Electric choke carb. My problem is that I need a new throttle cable as mine is quite frayed. I have been looking and cannot find one and I am told the 75 was a one year only design. Does any body have a solution for this problem?


posted by  1bad2k

We are also working on a 75 T/A. I think we put a new cable on the car. The owner supplied most of the parts, so I am not sure where he got (if he did)... My guess would be to try Classic Industries. If they do not have it just use one of the universal ones out there such as Lokar or similar.

Next time you should start a new thread.

posted by  corbett_auto

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