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before my grandfather passed away he told me that he had an old v8 out in his shop and that if i wanted it i could have it. being an import guy for the longest time i never really thought much of it until he passed away and i was going through all his things out in his shop and i came across it. it had years and years of crud and nature on it, but after a couple hours with my friend purple power, its still a nice looking engine. bright orange in color. my uncle told me that it was in fact a chrysler 318 from the late sixties. i plan on rebuilding it and using it in a rat rod in memory of my grandfather. it didnt have a transmission with it, so my question is, anybody know what type of transmission it came with. im not too big on the chrysler scene. any help would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  turbokas14

727 or 904 trans usually. i think the 727 is the better trans of the two. you can also get an adapter to put a chevy 350 or 400 turbo behind it.

posted by  adamc44

It was pretty common to find a 318 backed with an 904. The 727 was a heavy-duty transmission whereas the 904 was a light-duty. The 904 came in 3 different designs, the 904, 998, and 999. The only difference between the 3 was that the 904 came with three direct friction plates, the 998 had four, and the 999 came with either four or five. 727s were mainly used on 340s, 383s, 440s and HEMIs, but they were on some 318s.

If you decide to fix up the 318 you might be interested in this book.
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0895864797/chryslerplymouth/103-9251 298-5271830

And a very popular forum if you have any questions - here (http://board.moparts.org/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php)

posted by  Benson

318's had 727's up until about '67 or so. after that, they usually had 904's unless it was a truck...

posted by  dodger65

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