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Good for $3,500 obo?

46,000 original miles, 700 on the engine
Power steering
350 v8
No A/C
Cd player/ radio

http://cars0.ipixmedia.com/abc/cars/_CARS_7f4c8a87ad213b9090ff34f0be0d81d1/ i-1.JPG

http://cars0.ipixmedia.com/abc/cars/_CARS_7f4c8a87ad213b9090ff34f0be0d81d1/ i-3.JPG

http://cars0.ipixmedia.com/abc/cars/_CARS_7f4c8a87ad213b9090ff34f0be0d81d1/ i-10.JPG

http://cars0.ipixmedia.com/abc/cars/_CARS_7f4c8a87ad213b9090ff34f0be0d81d1/ i-2.JPG

Also, What can I expect performance wise from it?

posted by  1000hp

There has to be something wrong with it, that thing looks perfect :2cents:

posted by  99integra

The thing wrong with it is that it has 4 doors, and no a/c. :(

And I just remembered the horn doesn't work... Easy fix?

posted by  1000hp

Oh who cares about A/C I live in Florida and don't even use mine, dunno bout the horn, never had to replace em.

EDIT:: and you live here too lmao

posted by  99integra

You thought that question out pretty well, didn't you? Without knowing what has been done to the engine, assuming anything was besides bolting on some flashy parts, or what the rest of the drivetrain consists of, there is no way to even guess. I'd venture to say that it'll be faster than a wrecked Yugo and slower than a new Porsche. That ought to narrow it down for you.

posted by  vwhobo

Although this is almost all of our common assumptions, that might not be the case. Beleive it or not, not every under-priced car is shit, but just to make sure...

Take the car to a shop you trust, and have it evaluated. You dont want to be stuck with a POS.

If the car is shit, you just lost fifty bucks, but you saved $3,500.

posted by  Spade

If it turns out to be a nice running car, what should I excpet in terms of performance?

posted by  1000hp

Dude, the point is, without knowing what's been done to the engine, hat gears it has, what trans it has, etc, it's a pretty safe bet that, at this price point, it's slower than a new Porsche. And if it runs at all, it's probably quicker than a stock Yugo. Therefore Hobo is spot on.

Even if the car had a nicely built smallblock, without knowing the gear ratios and which trans it has, the quarter mile times could range from 13 seconds to 18 seconds. And that's just ONE variable (gear ratio).

It has some flashy dress up bits, but it could be a stock, smogger 305 under there. Which would make it only slightly quicker than a small child on a bicycle. OTOH, it could have a backyard 383 in there, with 3.70 gears, and run 12s. But the latter is HIGHLY unlikely.

posted by  ChrisV

What the f*ck are you on about. Where did I assume or even imply that I assumed the car was a POS? WHERE? I don't recall saying anything about the condition of the car, I seem to remember saying something about not being able to predict performance without details. Are you f*cking stupid or what? Explain yourself.

See my post above. It still aplies.

posted by  vwhobo

it all depends on what has been done to the engine. cam, intake, rotating assm, carb, trans, rear end, etc. see vwhobo's post and re-read. we aren't going know without seeing and driving the car in person.:thumbs:

posted by  glagon1979

Because its a later model four-door and it's not as desireable. Looking at it the way it is I wouldn't pay a cent over $2500. There are better deals out there.

posted by  Benson

Your post seem to kind of be discouraging the fact that the car might be decent, thats just what i took from it atleast.

posted by  Spade

Show me. Show me where I made any remark that could be taken that way. And then explain why you made those comments to me but not the person who said "There has to be something wrong with it..." Maybe it's time for you to put down the pipe.

posted by  vwhobo


He said there wasn't enough information to determine what kind of performance could be expected. It's most likely faster than a stock Yugo and slower than a new Porsche.

Hmm. None of that seems to be discouraging the "fact" that the car might be decent.

The FACT is, if it runs GOOD, it could be anywhere from an 18 second car to a 12 second car in the quarter. But without knowing the specifics of the engine, trans, and final drive ratios, or what parts the engine builder used (brand new smogger 305 to stroker 383, and it could cost the same), there's no way of narrowing it down closer than that. Period. So we cannot answer the question of "how well should I expext IT to perform."

posted by  ChrisV

Vw, your taking what i said a little to seriously. Im a 16 year old who works at dunkin donuts. Im no scientist and definitly not going to an ivy league school. Honestly, i dont even take myself this seriously :laughing:

All I said was that from reading your thread, I somewhat got the impression that you were implying the car wasn't worth the money.

posted by  Spade

And he was simply asking how you got that impression from what he said, when there was nothing there to even IMPLY it.

posted by  ChrisV

Why is it that half the people in this thread, all of them 25+ years of age read the same thing but you get the impression that I'm putting down the car? Maybe it's not what I said, maybe it's what you want to read. And you still haven't explained why you replied that way to me but not to the person who specifically put it down. Sounds like a case of age bias to me.

posted by  vwhobo

Nothing even close to age biast here, if anything i respect you more than 99, and you know that.

The reason that i picked you to comment on, was the mere fact that you had been the last one to post, when i read yours, i put myself in his shoes. All of a sudden a car that he thought might have been a great buy, he might have started to re-think. Which is obviously what should be done in this type of situation. But also, i had to play the advocate and state that the car might be what the guy is saying it is.

Obviously i went to far to claim that it's a POS, i should have used other terms, i apologize for putting words in your mouth though.

posted by  Spade

cmonnn pay attention to me :(

posted by  Spade

Attention whore, lol

posted by  Cliffy

thats new :laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

I'm not getting it, and since I don't have enough for an evo mr fq-400, I'm gonna look at getting the lancer ralliart.

posted by  1000hp

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