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I am looking at buying a new carburetor for my 76 firebird, it will be going on the original 400 and replacing the factory q-jet. I was wondering if you guys had some suggestions about what brands, models and sizes of carburetors I should consider. I am planning on rebuilding this engine into a high-torque/high-power motor sometime in the future (cam, lifters, etc) and would like to be able to keep the same carb.

posted by  stuffusbus

Whta do you mean by ?

Do you mean you want a very steep power curve from idle or you want the power curve to maintain an healthy +ve derivative further into the rpms?

posted by  Wally

stay with the q-junk untill you build your engine. it doesn't make sence to put a carb for performance on untill you know what the engine is capable of producing.

posted by  glagon1979

It also doesn't make sense to get rid of the Quadrajunk if you want a performance engine. A properly tuned Q-Jet will give you the best of both worlds... Good mileage and great throttle response on the primaries and big power when the secondaries open up. The only people who don't think a Q-Jet is a great carb for the street, simply don't understand them.

Now all we have to do is break the code so everyone knows exactly what the cryptic "high-torque/high-power motor" means. I was also wondering from the description if the current engine doesn't have lifters. If not, adding some would definitely increase power. :roll:

posted by  vwhobo

Well right now everything on and in the engine is stock. But my "plan" is to maybe stroke it to a 455 with a 455 crank and some connecting rods. Along with this would go some new lifters, rocker arms, camshaft, carb/intake, fuel/oil pump and who knows what else (in reality most of this probably wont happen because of money). I also don't know much about tuning carbs, so it would be easier for me to just buy a new carb. And besides, shouldnt I be trying to get rid of the old heavy intake?

posted by  stuffusbus

I still marvel at how guys spend a fortune stroking engines for a 10% gain in displacement. My favourite is seeing guys stroke Ford eights to 347 cubes and Dart this, forge that, flow this, carb that and all for only A$25k. In the end they have the bestest engine that ever woz, but it's like my Grandad's axe, which was the best he ever bought only having five new handles and three new heads in it's lifetime.

Then us observers have to endure bragging posts of how great the torque is because it's a stroker and how many more ponies it makes. When someone points out that the build cost is $555/cu in there is invariably a flame war, especially if the branded parts are the same as the forum oracle who has the undisputed rep for the finest full house blinged engine ever made. Twelve months down the track when the ambitious dyno graph has been discredited by someone who knows that fuel can only release so much energy, some riceboy has blown him off at the lights in a Suzuki hairdryer and the anticipated 9 second quarter is off the mark by 4 seconds even with the Gtech, the car is listed in the for sale section by the now bowser impoverished member.

I guess I'm trying to say tinkering with engines is a money pit and the joy of the extra performance is only fleeting. Unless you intend to gain a full knowledge of what works and what doesn't, you will be pulled pillar to post by people with great ideas and their hand in your pocket.

posted by  Wally

so what you're really saying is that "you're better off not f*cking w/ it too much until you know enough about it to form an opinion of your own" ? :wink2:

posted by  dodger65

now why didnt we just say this in the first place? lol

posted by  Andrew0261

Gosh, I don't know moron, why didn't you? BTW, good job dredging up an almost two month old thread. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

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