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But I need to let the last one go.....

www.rproberson.com/64chevy (http://www.rproberson.com/64chevy)

posted by  ss64283

Hi , Wow nice looking SS , Have two going on here a 39 2dr sedan an a 68 Chevelle , Am going to have both for sale , health is keeping me from doing much with them ,The wife said if I start another one she will kill me LOL have a great day an good luck on your chevy Slimone:screwy:

posted by  Slimone

i sell gaz-m20 made in 1954. Latvia.good conditation. quite price.-for rettro car.
all parts orginal.my phone is +371 -26610976(LATVIA)
ask your frends collector maybe thay intrested this massege., thanks, nice day!

posted by  tomlapatin

wow nice work.

posted by  81-camaro

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