any good classsics that are cheap and easy to get..

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well what are some nice, cheap, and easy to find muscle cars that look nice (also convertibles)

posted by  spiral loser

well i saw your other post so youre definately getting a car to restore, first of i'd go with a chevelle, camaro, impala from 1960-1969 theyre easy to work on, usually run a 350 v8 look greaat and parts are readily availible from any SUMMIT RACING CATALOG or JEGS.COM and if you have trouble with a chevy let me know I own one. :clap:

posted by  79-Cheyenne

If you dont want to spend to much a nova is a great choice

posted by  DaveyDave

Howz bout a 1966 Ford T-bird Town Landau... WITH the rare "Q" code 428ci. Originally the t-birds had a 390. this 428 has quadrupled the value and if properly done ( I can't find the time or any space left in the garage thanks to my Classic Bird) maybe 3-5 grand in primarily cosmetics ie; interior and misc... The Value I have found on the net says it can be as high as 29k- to the low 3o k's...Any takers...............? :drool:

posted by  NOW-I_roc

Mopar, Mopar, Mopar! :hi:

posted by  DodgeRida67

I’d research parts availability and price first. Then see if you can find the car that’s within your budget that offers the best price/parts availability. I myself suck at taking my own advice. I keep getting cars that no one makes parts for (Merkur/Cyclone/Falcon/Lancia Fulvia) and the list goes on. Price wise I think a GM is your best bet. You may want to look at the Chevelle clones i.e. cutlass or skylarks. T-Bird parts are getting more plentiful, but a Mustang would be your best bet with Ford. As fare as Mopars go, no disrespect DodgeRida67, but they tend to be pricey. I personally like the Mopar muscle cars, with there in your face looks. I just can’t afford them. BTW, I’ve owned cars with hoods smaller than DodgeRida67 hood scoop. Being the nice guy that I am though, I’ll trade you straight up. Your Mopar for my crappy looking uh I mean cosmetically challenged ’67 Falcon :joking: . Hey, watch where you point that finger.

posted by  my67falcon

hows about an MG or Triumph ???

posted by  cinqyg

I know when i was looking for a car a few years ago, old 60's mustangs were a dime a dozen, i assume parts for them would be the same.

posted by  Halz5

I would suggest looking at the style of car you want first. The price may be important now but you should be happy with the finnished product. You can find a lot of cheap cars if you look hard enough, and if you are willing to work hard you can take your time to restore the car and save some money while you're doing that

posted by  jimmypooh

Although it's not a muscle car, and I don't know much about the availability of them, I would vote for a Triumph TR-6.

posted by  abless

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