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I can't seem to find a good website that you can search and buy classic cars on? Something such as bargain news for classic cars? Preferably a website that had junk cars also, good project cars :). I tried google but i dont really get anything that im looking for. Bargain news just won't cut it with the muscle car ads they have, i need something cheaper, something that needs work. Any help guys?

posted by  Spade

Hi Give this one a try they have a lot of cars an trucks for sale an some projects . Slimone

posted by  Slimone

wow dodge charger for under 5.

I always look at the car sites and regret not being born a few years younger. Soon as i get out of college i know where all my moneys going towards :)

posted by  Spade

what about auto trader, there are all kinds of vehicles on there.

posted by  azkid110

autotrader doesnt go below 1981...

posted by  Spade

does in england!
we have a classics dept with old fords from the thirties, chevy corvettes from the 70's etc

posted by  True_Brit

this is just an example though! h_used_cars_full&make=TRIUMPH&model=ANY&min_pr=75&max_pr=&mileage=&agerange =&postcode=pl47es&miles=40&max_records=50&source=0&photo=1&sort=3&ukcarsear ch_full=SEARCH h_used_cars_full&make=RILEY&model=ANY&min_pr=75&max_pr=&mileage=&agerange=& postcode=pl47es&miles=1500&max_records=50&source=0&photo=1&sort=3&ukcarsear ch_full=SEARCH _used_cars_full&make=FORD&model=F150&min_pr=75&max_pr=&mileage=&agerange=&p ostcode=pl47es&miles=1500&max_records=50&source=0&photo=1&sort=3&ukcarsearc h_full=SEARCH&start=4&distance=246&adcategory=CARS&channel=CARS&id=20063124 4489664

posted by  True_Brit

Doesn't help me at all.

posted by  Spade

i know, but i was just using it as an example, like todays auto trader mag, theres a 1988 mustang gt 5litre for £4,200, a 1978 ford bronco 5.7 v8 for £3,500 etc etc

posted by  True_Brit


posted by  Wally

whats that? sounds familliar!

posted by  True_Brit

Look at the rear quarters. It doesn't even have any information on it too.

I would say your best bet is find a very big forum and just check under the classified forum every couple weeks and something will come up. Ive found a couple good forums that have 50+ members on at a time and a member list of 30 000+

posted by  Benson

posted by  car_crazy89

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