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hi,am thinking of dry sump system for 2.5 tuned spitfire.does anyone have any views on this system?do you know anyone that has used this system,what were there experiences,good /bad? any input gratefully recieved.:thumbs:

posted by  ukcjm@hotmail.c

What is a dry sump system, I've heard of it....I think something about the Carrera GT....

posted by  Mathew

It's a lubrication system mainly used in sports cars because it takes up less space and stuff:

posted by  chris_knows

hi matthew and chris knows,in addition the dry sump can remove air bubbles from oil,heat up oil before firing up,help piston rings seal better by producing vacumn in sump area,can adjust oil pressure,and keeps oil controlled at all times.http://www.drysump.com/drysump.htm what do you think?

posted by  ukcjm@hotmail.c

Good link, so basically a dry sump system is called dry because you don't have a big oil pan at the bottom with a few litres of oil sitting there all the time.

So now then, whats a 2.5 tuned spitfire? Sounds like an english car I've never heard of....

or a WW2 fighter plane...

posted by  Mathew


Not sure if a Dry Sump system would be a big benefit on a Spitfire though....

posted by  Cliffy

Are you rallying or circuit racing? If not why bother? Sure there is less drag on the throws and counters, but it's very minor. If you are concerned about foaming, change to a different oil. If you are worried about the extra weight on the rods install a crank scrapper/windage tray combo.

I know it's probably your baby, but it's only a Triumph engine and if I recall correctly the 2.5 V8 needed all the lubrication it could get from it's piss ant main bearings. But the oils are better these days.

posted by  Wally

Well it looks like it could be money better spent.....

What pros of a dry sump system were you looking at anyway?

posted by  Mathew

interesting feedback,thanks,the spitfire i have is hybrid,instead of 1300/1500, it has 2.5 six,it has billet crank,block has been de-burred,polished etc,roller rockers(1.65-1)uprated cam,carrilo rods,forged pistons,6-3-1-2 exhaust,will be using electric water pump,three twin webers 45's.have done a new composite roof,rear spoiler.car is going to be used for both road and track.dry sump is the ultimate in oil control.although it can apparently be complex to use.the pros for me are listed.in addition estimated extra ten hp from system.i read somewhere that a test between the dry sump system,and windage tray,baffles etc showed that baffled system could still not be relied on in certain extreme situations.any feedback gratefully recieved.

posted by  ukcjm@hotmail.c

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