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I have a 1980 GMC truck that i'm slowly starting to fix up and i'm trying to figure out wats the best way to restore the dashboard it's faded and ruff looking in spots. I was thinking about just painting it but i don't know how thats gonna turn out sence the texture of the dash is a lil wore down. I can get pictures of it's conditon if anyones interestd.

posted by  Practishioner

I believe you can die it instead of painting it. There maybe someone on the site that can direct you to a wen site that shows you how.

posted by  booalou

You could try to find a dash from a wreckers that isn't too beat up, then just replace it. I'm sure if you did some research, you'd find that there were a few dashboards from that era that were compatible.

posted by  Mathew

Do you mean something like this part:

(I was in a hurry and couldn't quickly find a site with a padded one..)

posted by  car_crazy89

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