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I picked up a 64' Bel-Air about 2 years ago and have been trying to figure out the main difference between it and the 64' Impala (other than the 4 tail lights instead of 6)... Is anyone familiar with the details of that year? it looks the exact same to me... she's only got a 283 in her but drives like a dream.

there's more pics at if you want to see more of the body style...

posted by  Alton Parker

In those days, the Bel Air was a low trim level on the full size Chevy body, while the Impala was the high level trim. The cars are basically the same (though you'll note in your picture it's a pilllared 2 door sedan, rather than a pillarless hardtop coupe), it's just trim levels of the same basic car...

posted by  ChrisV

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