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Which do you all prefer, 1st or 2nd Camaro/Firebird? I used to think the 60s cars looked boring and old compared to the 1970s Z28s & Trans Ams, their decals and wings seemed to make them more modern looking at the time. These days the pre 1970 cars seem more fashionable with their sleeper look. :sleep:


1980 car


1967 1/2 car

I hear the rumor that if (big if) GM bring the F body back it will be close to the 1st gen style.

posted by  e12Euro

Yeah, it would be a tough call between 1st gen and 2nd gen for me, but I'd probably say a clean (no stripes) 2nd gen black or white Z28 with mag wheels would be my favorite f-body. My dad had a '77 white Camaro with mag wheels on it, looked CLEAN, I loved it. And funny you'd mention they would bring them back, I've seen some concept pictures of it. I saved them on the site I use to host my pictures...here's a couple of them:


I think it looks good, and I hope they do decide to put it into production, that will give some nice competition to Ford's new Mustang bodystyle :)

posted by  Black232Mustang

Yes, I used to love the bumperless RS nosecone of the early 2nd gen Camaros, they used to say it was inspired by the 1968 Jaguar XJ6 front. Even after the 5 mph bumper restyle the Camaro still looked good, especially the tail, but they liked to slap on more decals as the years went by.
I have heard it said that GM's possible decision to pattern a new car on the 1st gen F body is to copy what Ford has done, i.e. that the new Mustang takes styling touches from the 1964 1/2 - 73 generation. Whatever the theory it would be nice to see them lined up for a future comparo test in Car & Driver etc.

posted by  e12Euro

Don't ya think that maybe this question has been pretty well covered in this thread right here?


posted by  vwhobo

My question was specifically 1st gen Vs 2nd gen, i.e. the classic pre 1982 pre downsized models. I wasn't considering the later models. The F body fan base isn't just one big mass, it's made up of those with an interest in certain areas and some of us are particularly interested in the older cars. Others are experts on the post 1982 cars.
It's also quite relevant because it's likely GM will follow Ford and make a new car that follows the original rather than the extrovert 1970 1/2 - 81 models.

posted by  e12Euro

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