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I understand location is a component of value of a pre-owned vehicle as well as condition, mileage, age, etc.

Generally speaking, how do prices vary in different parts of the country for pre-owned vehicles?

How does it vary by specific vehicle?

Some examples of classic cars?

posted by  bkgs

This is an extremely broad topic, and depends on an infinite set of variables. But with specifics to a classic car I will touch briefly on a few points that can vary a price of a car.

1. Popularity - This is plays a big factor, if for no other reason than supply and demand. The more desire there is and the lower the supply..... you know the rest.

2. Mileage - This plays very little into value unless the car in strong demand and is in excellent condition. This holds true mostly in unrestored originals and many times can be difficult to prove.

3. Part of the country - This has way to many variables to go into...but the simple answer is a car that is from a drier climate (such as Arizona), and has spent most of it's life there can demand a higher price. This is usually relative to it's condition. But if you have a car from NY that was never driven in the snow, and always garage kept....it could bring more money than an AZ car that has lived outside.

4. Options - this also plays into supply and demand. Some of the more desired option packages were produced in lower numbers. This tips the scale in favor of higher prices.

Hope this helps, I'm sure other will chime in and offer many other opinions. The classic car market is hard to follow sometimes....if you don't believe it just watch Barret Jackson, some of the cars that you would think might bring big bucks will surprise you, and vise-versa.

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