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has anyone here ever herd of a 1962 Buick Wildcat tell me if its rare

posted by  buick22

yeah quite rare, aprox 2000 - 2200 built.
and it's one hell of a car with a nice ass. :thumbs:
you got one?

welcome to the boards btw..... ;)

posted by  Deepdish

Yeah my buddy has one, the thing has a bb and is an absolute beast! With 5 people packed in it it'll spin the tires with no complaint. I think they're damn sexy in red too!

posted by  slavboy1

they are rare but not that much of a collector car. i saw one all fixed up for 15900. good car to work on though and will appriciate P

posted by  niceride80

got a pic?

posted by  SuperJew

mmmm nice car there awsome to play with but not EXTREMELY rare

posted by  lick_q1

sry i dont give pcs out 2 haters lyke SuperJew

posted by  niceride80

Does anyone know about search engines??? Geezzzz....

It could almost be mistaken for a "Four-Eyed Speed Demon." :D

posted by  BavarianWheels

hater? whos a hater?

posted by  SuperJew

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