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Ok gentlemen, this is where I need some opinions and any info you might have on the values. VWHobo, of course I can't wait for your response too. I have recently been financed for enough money to buy my dream car. It is between the 71 Roadrunner and the 71 GTX and I have a good lead on both.
The RoadRunner is 16.5 and is nearly perfect. I'd say about a 95% or better. It has the 440 6-Pack and 4-Speed MT with the Pistol Grip and all numbers matching. It has new tires and nice Cragers. Body is perfect and NO RUST. Engine runs very well and sounds like it's strong, i would estimate about 30K since a rebuild.

The GTX is 14.5 and needs some work. It is numbers matching just like the other and I'd say about a 75% to 85% or so. Also has the 440 6-Pack with 4-Speed AT on the Column. The engine runs very well and sounds strong but longer since a rebuild, judging by gaskets, etc. . .

The basic question now is between which one will retain value the best. I know that there were only 2,211 made which makes it more valuable in terms of collectibility. Then again, it will end up costing me roughly 20K before I have it to the same condition as the RR. I await your opinions and maybe some figures on ones you have known. Thanks

posted by  72Cutlass442

1. I don't buy or judge cars based on what they might be worth someday, my criteria is different.

2. I would personally go with the Road Runner simply because it sounds more complete and in better condition. And it has a four-speed. Which brings up another point. What kind of GTX has a four speed automatic?

Bottom line is I think the extra $2k is well spent on a car requiring less work. Of course that's based on the info you provided, I can't see the cars. Just be careful buying what is alleged to be a numbers matching Mopar, there are alot of counterfeit cars out there. I don't know where you're getting them from but if it's affiliated with that huge junkyard northeast of Abeline, lookout. I've seen more than one bogus car come out of there. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

In all honesty, if this is your dream car that you are going after, I would say pay another $2,000 for the Road Runner. I say this mainly for the same reasons that vwhobo mentioned, but also the RR is a manual transmition where the GTX is auto. I know if I was buying a muscle car, I would want the manual tranny. :2cents:

Good luck with buying your car, whichever one it may be!

posted by  Voda48

ROAD RUNNER! 6 pack and four speed? and 440? that sounds a lot like my dreams but i'm way too young to have my ultimate dream. ANYWAY, 4 speed is necessary.

IF you'd like I can tell you exact production numbers. i have a mopar red book. it's in my car. i can get it if u request. GOOD LUCK I NEED TO SEE PICTURES WHEN U GET THE ROAD RUNNER.


posted by  mischa

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