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hey i have 1968 plymouth fury 3 . i have had it it for about 3 years now and it has been sitting in my back yard for about 2 years now it has a lil rust on the back pannels into the trunk a lil bit. has a 318 in it block n heads r painted orange if that means any thing it had ac pump on it i took it off. when i got it the heater core was bad in it i could find one that belongs in it so my uncle made one that would work still have all the parts he didnt use n the ac pump in the trunk . ive dont some other things to it like put a new master cylender, new water pump n normal wear n tear stuff to it. the stuff i do have that i like about the car is alot of documents to the car. i have the operating instuction and warranty book , the og car order paper , the og window sticker , the invoice paper from the dealer , the regtration slips form the 70s to when last renewed witch was 2005 missing a few of em . well i was wondering if i was to put it up forsale how much should i be asking ? if there is anything else u guys would like to know drop a ? n i will try my best to answer it ty verymuch

posted by  68plymouthfury3

Just go to kelly Blue book and it would be easier to give you an estimate if you listed the mileage but I would sat no more the 3,000$ but still depends on the mileage.

posted by  witty gp

KBB only goes back to 1986, and pretty much anything listed before 1996 is inaccurate.

posted by  chris_knows

the miles on it reads 36240 i should also add the the seats interior n upholstry would have to be redone the dash does have a crack in it. but it does run in drive its a good car i used it as everyday driver i just lost the right to drive so i dont want it in jail if i get pulled over thanks for ur time

posted by  68plymouthfury3

No one cares about mileage on a classic car unless it is a high end car and the mileage can be documented.....

As to the value...it more depends on condition and how complete it is. I'd say it sounds like a $1000 - $2500 car. But if you find some one really looking for that exact model, you may get more.

My suggestion is to list it in your local discount classifieds. around here it is called "IWANNA". You know the papper that you can list your car for free. Try it at a high dollar and keep lowering the price until you get some bites.

posted by  corbett_auto

sweet thanks for the response do u guys think it would be better if i was to put it on something like ebay or can u tell me any other form of auction website i could get on more for cars. thanks again

posted by  68plymouthfury3

Don't sell a car on ebay! just like corbett auto said place it in your local newspapers classified section and wait by the phone.

posted by  witty gp

Here's a site for the value:
http://www.buyclassiccars.com/offsite.asp?site=http://www.vmrintl.com/CCTM/ CCTMENUS/MAKES.HTM

Those Furies are nice. Before I bought my car, I was considering an old car, and those were some I was looking at (with a 440 of course:smoke: ). I like them, but I guess you'll be selling to a selctive audience, as they aren't that popular (compared to a Mustang of the era). eBay will work if you want quick cash, but selling it locally will likely wind up being better if you don't mind waiting for a while. I might be wrong, but I think craigslist.com has free classifieds that are frequented by a lot of people.

posted by  giant016

ty guys once again i think that all the ? i have

posted by  68plymouthfury3

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