my stang sounds like a go kart,please help

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i have a mustang with a 350 in it.vortec heads,high rise intake,comp cam roller rockers.530 comp cam,gear to gear timing,custom headers.first time it messed up it sounded like a 4 wheeler.i pulled the valve covers and a two push rods were bent.i fixed it and it ran fine for about 5 minutes.same thing happened.fixed it again and it ran it wont spin a tire,u cant even hear the cam throttle response.someone help me:banghead: :banghead:

posted by  89hatchback

Sure ya do dipsh*t. Lots of people with small block Chevys in Mustangs need help on an internet forum.

Go away little boy.

posted by  vwhobo

I agree...the story sounds a little fishy. If it all is legit, fill us in on some more details and we can help...Sounds like the engine was improperly put together (valves not properly adjusted) and you are turning tooo many RPMs (from spinning the tires)

posted by  corbett_auto

Where the two bent pushrods for the same cylinder?

posted by  Enthusiast

there is no need to explain a problem so horribly wrong :ticking: :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

If that was in fact the case, why would that be so horribly surprising? It happens all the time. If 25 random engine parts were spread out in front of you, could you even identify a pushrod? I bet not.

posted by  vwhobo

to all the a@# holes on here, heres my car and i was looking for help.if you dont know anything about what im talking about,or better yet know what your talking about,then shut up or dont reply.yall are the dumbas#es that make it hard to find a good forum.and for those who know what i need help with then it would be a great help.thanx:fu: :fu:

posted by  89hatchback

no,one on 5th and one on 6th cylinder

posted by  89hatchback

I still stand by my original response. Improperly adjusted valves or too many rpms....

Do you have press in or screw in rocker arm studs? Did the engine ever run correctly? Under what conditions did the problem occur?

Feed us a few more details....As most here know I am more of a body and electrical guy than engine...But the one thing I do know is your request lacks enough information to make a good assessment.

And on a final note you may have alienated the people that could truly help you with your harsh should never bite the hand that feeds...

posted by  corbett_auto

im not sure if i have screw in or press in studs.the engine has never really run right.its ran good,but not acts different every time it bends or breaks a push has hardly no throtle response,like the timing is to low.if i advance the dist. the starter drags.maybe the gear to gear timing is off a little.i dont know.

posted by  89hatchback

ive never seen a mustang that says chevrolet on the valve covers...

posted by  nighthawk

whats your rocker ratio? what kind of lifters do you have? valve spring psi when open and when closed? what type of pushrods are you putting in it? whats your timing set to? whats the timing of the cam? has the valve(s) ever come in contact with the piston(s)? are your valves sealing properly? and are your rockers adjusted properly (no lash, but not holding the valve open)?

what were the conditions when the problem first started? dont lie.

I'm still learning, but if you answer those questions I and everyone else can get a better idea of whats going on.

posted by  azkid110

why does the engine shot look different from the engine in the car shot. i see an ac compressor in one shot but no ac compressor in the other. something seems fishy. try starting the car with the timming retarded and then move it to where it doesnt hesitate when you "whack" the throttle. that should be close enough to "dial" it in. before we spend to much time on it though, we need more info.

posted by  glagon1979

ill have to get some help with some of those not much of a mechanic myself as you can tell.ill have some one come over and go over some of it with me.hopefully ill have some answers tomarrow.

posted by  89hatchback

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