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I have been beating my head against the wall :banghead: looking for the specifications for a 1972 Cadillac DeVille. If anyone has them I am looking for the curb weight, wheel base, tire/rim size, and width for both the coupe and the sedan. Thanks in advance for any information.

posted by  SpecTec

I asked one of my friends, (Mr. Google) and he suggested you go here:

posted by  thefonz

Thank you for help. I wish I knew where to find specifications for more classic cars.

posted by  SpecTec

Google is the answer you are looking for.

posted by  corbett_auto

Oh its very interesting. Could you provide me more information ?


posted by  ralfsmith

What else do you need? A simple search should provide you with most of the answers you need....Also it may help to know what you are doing that requires specs....

posted by  corbett_auto

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