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A fair bit of money for an old car:,21985,21447017-661,00.html

posted by  Wally

no way i would have gone over $650k

posted by  windsonian

i dont even like that car and wouldnt even have went even close to that kind of money for a car like that whoever did is a complete idiot

posted by  Andrew0261

I wouldn't go as far as saying complete idiot... You have to remember that when it comes to cars, tastes are very subjective. Almost everyday one of our customers makes a decision to do something to their car that I feel is, well....lets just say I would not do it that way if it were mine....This is the great thing about cars, they can be built to suit our individual needs, desires, wants or as is the case in most meet a budget.

posted by  corbett_auto

He's no idiot. He's the same guy who bought the last Monaro via the Ebay auction. Only 300 were made and most of those have disappeared.

Insofar as liking the looks, well as corbett suggests, one man's pleasure is another man's poison. If you actually got a first hand look you may change your mind; they are intimidating. There are reports one was sold and shipped to a US buyer a few months back... sale price $720k.

posted by  Wally

Anyone know the specs on that beauty?

posted by  Car hippie

i found this! GTHO Phase III (
its fast.

posted by  True_Brit

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