i need all the help i can get to find my moms 67 camaro i have the pink slip

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ok i have the pink slip for my moms 67camaro with the notice of realese still attached. doesnt this mean the owners who bought it couldn't have registered it? if they did i would like to buy it back as it was suposed to be mine but the engine blew and my mom sold it for 300 back when i was like 7 so i need some info on how i would get it back. i know dmv is one option but would they realese info when i show them i have the original pinkslip? thnxxxxx so much for the help

posted by  allclassic

why not call the DMV and ask them if they'd provide you with the info? That way you'll know for sure before you go in there.

As for the rest of your questions.... no idea. I suspect that if it was sold when you were 7, you'll be pushing the proverbial uphill.

posted by  windsonian

well the storie is i knew the person it went to it was my dads friend i used to play with his son but he died of a heart attack and gave it to his son but his son suposovly sold it but i forgot his name and i can't find out were he lives so vin is the only way :banghead:

posted by  allclassic

I suspect you will have a long road ahead of you...if you are lucky it is currently registered and you can find a way to access the database....BUT if the car is not currently registered, it could be anywhere....

posted by  corbett_auto


posted by  Sorayna

Not sure how the pink slip system works... But a notice of release would indicate that the vehicle was released from your possesion, right? If so then yes they can register it. Good luck.

posted by  rudypoochris

How about Carfax? I kknow you have to pay for it, but wouldn't it have a list of when it changed hands and/or when it was last registtered and to whom? You can search by VIN. Just a thought.

posted by  68camaroman

Carfax doesn't work on pre-1981 cars, due to not using modern VIN's And many states don't issue titles on cars over 25 years old, so doing a title search is almost impossible.

It's going to take a lot of luck to find the car again after all this time.

posted by  ChrisV

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