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I have a 1955 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan with a 272 engine. The car runs fine until the engine warms up to operating temprature and then just quits. I have replaced fuel pump, points and plugs, and rebuilt the carburator. Could it be the coil? or condenser? It's getting plenty of gas. Any suggestions?

posted by  55ford

Making your Y-block run is not rocket science. Like any other internal combustion engine it needs three things in the right amount at the correct time... Oxygen, fuel and ignition.

Because it runs fine until warm you know the engine and ancillary parts are functioning more or less correctly, at least at that time. Mindlessly replacing parts until you accidently fix the problem is neither time or cost effective. Instead of shotgunning parts you need to take a step by step approach to determining what is missing or possibly what is in excess causing it to stop running.

You've replaced an ass load of parts, but do you have good ignition when it dies? You said it's getting plenty of gas, but could it be getting too much? It must be getting air to run when cold, but is it possible that there's and intake leak that opens up when it's warm... Or maybe just a vacuum leak that's masked by the choke being on?

Give us some answers to these questions and you just might find your own answer along the way.

posted by  vwhobo

Does it quit as you try to move or quit at idle?

posted by  Wally

One of my favorite troubleshooting questions is always...what happened between the time it was running good and now? Can you remember a time when it ran well? As mentioned before, this should be a fairly easy problem to solve.

posted by  corbett_auto

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