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Hey Guys!

My sister is having her 18th birthday soon and my Dad and I are planning to surprise her with a gift she did not expect to get.

My Dad purchased a second hand 68' VW Bettle from a friend and parked it at the shops' vacant garage so that my sis would not be able know anything about it. Yes it is old and rusty and probably not running - yet.

We plan to restore but we are really having a really hard time in looking for . The crew is nearing restoring the paint job and we are about to hit the engine so if any of you guys have experienced car restoration, kindly help us out here especially with the parts coz we are kinda have a limited budget left.

Thanks and Rock On! :rock:

posted by  devindavis

Havin' a hard time finding Beetle tune up parts? They're everywhere. Cheap. Try Cal Custom, Johnny's Speed & Chrome, etc. Best bet? Pick up a copy of Hot VW's and look at the vendors in there (there are literally hundreds of them).

Even if this is spam, it's a good thing to know.

posted by  ChrisV

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