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someone posted this on another forum and i thought i should try and spread the word. now i dunno if its bullshit or not, but i thought if it is true i should at least post it. when he puts the phone number up i will post it as well.

Hey guys there is an antique junkyard of cars from the 40's and 50's and 60's that will be closing on June 18th. The property has been sold for a subdivision. All the cars left will be crushed. There are 400+ cars. Hudsons, Nashes, Caddys, chevs, plymouth, studa, fords, dodges, desoto, and bunch other old stuff...Unbeliveable. The owner is selling all cars at $150 bucks. I bought a 49 and a 50 chev and the 58 chev brookwood wagon. It is sad to see all this history go. They have cars from the 20's too. There are about 6 sheds full of chrome and parts and stuff. On Saturday there was a guy with a trailer and bought a 56 pontiac, 62 impala, and 63 impala. I'm hoping the sell it all before the crusher comes.

Middleton Idaho, near Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Just off the free way middleton exit. Open thurs, fri, sat, and sun until 5.
Hopkins Antique auto will close. They have a phone number in the phone book. I'll look it up later.< br />< br />< br />< br />< br />< br />< br />

posted by  adamc44

That's too far from me, and I have nowhere to keep them, but I'm sure they're all going to sell before being scrapped (supposing this whole thing is real).

posted by  chris_knows

yea, way to far for me to travel, plus i dont have anything i want to restore anywas, id rather be doing the crushing!!! i figured id post it cause ya know, if someones looking for some parts this would be the time to buy a whole parts car at scrap price before it gets crushed. hope it helps somebody out.

posted by  adamc44

Hopkins Antique Auto
24833 Old Highway 30
Caldwell, ID 83607

posted by  adamc44

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